Broadcast from Zoom to Youtube

Zoom to YouTube broadcast is a useful option that allows you to synchronize a video conference with a hosting and transfer information online. Below we will consider what this option is for, how to enable it, and what to do if errors occur.


Before broadcasting a conference from Zoom to YouTube, understand the features and purpose of the tool. Note that it is not available in the free version and to conduct such a broadcast, you must pay $ 14.99 per month for the Professional plan (at least).

As for the features of Zoom’s YouTube integration, there are several advantages here:

  1. Access to the conference remains with the administrator. The rest of the users watch videos on YouTube and do not participate directly in the process. Therefore, they will not distract or interfere.
  2. No limit on the number of users. In normal mode, no more than 100 participants are allowed. If you organize a broadcast on YouTube, this limit will not exist.
  3. The ability to communicate online. Broadcasting on YouTube opens up endless possibilities in terms of commutation with other users. You can chat, create notes and drawing boards , transfer files and other information.
  4. Complicating the process of recording a conference. Anyone can record a Zoom webcast in normal mode . In the case of YouTube, this is more difficult. After the video conference ends, you can close the video or delete it.
  5. The ability to broadcast on your site. Optionally, you can organize a video conference on your Internet resource and even close it with a password.


As you can see, broadcasting Zoom via YouTube is convenient and allows you to expand the capabilities of the application. But this option still needs to be activated.

How to turn on

Now let’s figure out how to enable the ability to host a web conference via YouTube in Zuma. Do the following:

  • follow the link;
  • click on the My Account button;
  • go to the settings, and then Conferences (advanced);


  • find the item Allow conference broadcasts;
  • move the toggle to the right side and check the box next to the YouTube service.


After that, log into the web conference itself and click Details (three dots). There, select the broadcast to YouTube. Make sure everything is done correctly and proceed to broadcast.


Do not forget to send an invitation to the participants so that they can watch the conference.

Again, this option is not available in the free version of Zoom. It’s not even in the settings, so you won’t be able to enable the ability to host a web conference on YouTube.

Problems and solution

There are situations when it is impossible to display a web conference on YouTube. Take the following steps:

  1. Make sure you have the paid version that has the desired feature open.
  2. Restart the app and restart the webcast.
  3. Before starting the meeting, open the YouTube broadcast control panel in your browser at, and then click the button to create a web meeting in Zoom .

If the steps above do not help, please contact support. They should help solve the problem. Perhaps the reason for its appearance was technical failures.

Zoom to YouTube is a useful tool to empower your program member. When organizing a video conference, remember the importance of good sound and video, so use only high-quality equipment. At the same time, take care of the lighting and prepare the material in advance.


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