Conference indicator in the Zoom app

Zoom Meeting ID (PMI) is a permanent broadcast attribute that allows you to invite and add other attendees to your webinar. Below we will consider what it is, where to get information, and how to act if the Zoom ID is invalid.

General concept

First, let’s figure out what the conference indicator in Zoom means, and what it is for. This is a special code that is assigned to a newly created broadcast. Consists of a set of numbers (most often 10-11). Used to connect other users to the web conference. You can use it to log in from your phone or PC. The data is sent using built-in methods or using third-party programs.

Where to get

Knowing the features of the code, and what it is, you can move on to the next question – where to get the Zoom meeting ID. It is created immediately after launching or scheduling a webinar.

To receive information after starting the broadcast, click on the Information button (the “i” symbol on the left of the window) or enter the Participants section, and then the Invite item.


The required parameter will be indicated at the top.

There is another option, how to find out the code for Zoom. Information is available in the general menu of the program. To do this, log into the application and go to the Conferences section. There will be the necessary data at the top, when you click on the identifier itself, more detailed information will appear.


Create and send a link

There are a lot of questions about how to create links to Zoom meetings, because working with one identifier is not always convenient. The required URL is generated immediately after starting the broadcast. To use it to invite other participants, do the following:

  • During the broadcast, click on the Participants button.


  • Click on the Invite link (on the right).
  • Click on the button Copy invitation or copy link.



  • After that, the information is copied to the clipboard.

By the way, if you turn off the video, then a field will automatically appear, from which you can also select the item we need. Choose whichever is more convenient.


Now about how to send a link to a conference in Zoom. This can be done using built-in methods (via contacts and email) or in other familiar ways (for example, using instant messengers). In the first case, click on the Participants and Invite button, and then select the sending option. If the second option is selected, copy the data to the clipboard, and then send the link in any way possible. An invitation with a link will look like this


Where to enter the Zoom ID

The code discussed in this article is necessary for people who plan to connect to the broadcast. To do this, you need to know where to enter the identifier. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Enter the program.
  • Press the button Enter the conference.


  • Enter in the special field the Zoom meeting ID and your name – this is how the organizer and other participants will see it.


  • Click the Login button (if the conference is closed, you may need a password). All these data must be given to you by the organizer before the start of the event.


If the data is entered correctly, the user must connect to the broadcast.

What to do if the code is invalid

It happens when the program does not accept the available set of numbers. In this case, the user falls into a stupor and does not know what could be the reason. Let’s figure out what to do if the Zoom meeting ID is invalid or not accepted. Follow these steps:

  1. Try entering your password again. Make sure the register is correct and there is no confusion in numbers.
  2. Make sure you are pasting the correct data from the clipboard, not old information.
  3. Contact the organizer / teacher and ask for a new ID or conference link. In the latter case, you do not need to enter the code and password.

One of the reasons is a technical failure in the service. In this case, it is better to wait and try to connect again after a while.


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