Download Zoom on your computer

The first step of a future Zoom user is to download it to a computer for free, register and set the conference call parameters. Below we will consider where you can download the program, how to install it, and what steps you need to take to communicate with other users.

How to download the program for free

The easiest way is to download Zoom for your computer for free in Russian through our website. There are three software versions available for download for Windows, Linux and Mac OS. The installation algorithm is as follows:

  • Click the Download button, taking into account the OS version on your computer (files are available for free).

Download for Windows

Download for Mac

Download for Linux

  • Wait for the software to load.
  • Run the file and wait for it to install.

Before installing Zoom for video conferencing on your computer, make sure your PC meets the manufacturer’s system requirements. For correct operation, you must have a device with the following characteristics:

  • Internet connection;
  • OS – Windows from XP and higher, Mac OS from 10.7, Ubuntu from 12.04;
  • browsers – Windows (IE 11+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+, Edge 12+), Mac (Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+), Linux (Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+).
  • processor – from 1.0 GHz (optimally from 2 GHz);
  • RAM – from 4 GB;
  • sound card with drivers;
  • microphone (if necessary for communication).

The above characteristics correspond to the parameters of an average “machine”, so difficulties should not arise.

check in

To use Zoom for PC conferencing software, you need to register. It is also available for free and goes through several stages:

  • Enter the program on your computer or laptop that you just managed to download.
  • In the window that appears, click Login to.


  • Click on the “Register for free” button in the lower right corner.


  • Enter your date of birth. The system warns that this data is not saved and is required for verification.


  • Click on the Continue button.
  • Enter your email address and click on the Register button. Alternatively, you can log into Zoom for free via Google, Facebook or CEB.


  • Log in to mail and activate your account. If the message is not in the main folder, most likely it got into Spam. In case the redirection didn’t work, copy the URL below suggested and move it to the browser.


  • Enter first name, last name and enter password twice.



  • Click on the Continue button.

Now you know how to download and register for free Zoom on your computer. After that, you can proceed to creating a conference and inviting other participants to it.

How to schedule a conference

Downloading the free Zoom application for a computer and registering is just the first steps, then you can schedule a web conference and make the necessary settings. Take the following steps:

  • Log into the application and click on the “Schedule” button.


  • Specify a subject and enter a description, set the date and time.


  • Set the duration of communication with users. Please note that Zoom is free to download, but this plan has a time limit. Connection time cannot exceed 40 minutes if the number of participants is three or more.
  • Set the correct time zone.
  • Check the Recurring conference checkbox. This is necessary if you plan to use Zoom on your computer at a specific time. After selecting this item, the system offers to select the frequency of repetitions (from 1 to 15 days), the date of completion or the number of events.
  • Set a password for conferences. If you decide to download Zoom us Cloud Meetings for conducting paid lessons or discussing business issues, you must put this item and set a key. In this case, outsiders will not be able to connect to the web conference.
  • Set the host and participant to enable video (if required).
  • Note the advanced web conferencing options. Here you can enable pre-host logins, disable the waiting room, mute attendees, and enable local PC recording.


  • Click on the Save button.

We recommend that you hold the conference from a computer or laptop and do not use a telephone. This way you will get a more stable connection, image quality, and it will also be more convenient for you to respond to questions from participants, change settings, turn on screen sharing, and so on.

That’s all. You managed to download, install the Zoom for communication platform for your computer and set up a web conference for free. After that, the program displays the basic login data and the previously set parameters. The most important information is the login URL and ID.

How to start a conference

If you decide to download Zoom and start a web meeting right away, please log into the app and log in. After that, take the following steps:

  • Log in to Zoom on your computer.
  • Click on New Conference.


  • Select Sign in using computer sound. At this point, you can immediately test the speaker and microphone.


  • Press the i button at the top left, then copy the ID and password.


The received data must be transferred to people whom you visit for free or for a paid invite to a conference in your rooms.


Meeting invitation

Click on the item “Participants” in Zoom, an additional field will open on the right, in it we click on “Invite”. Choose one of the ways:




  • by email;
  • using contacts;
  • by copying the URL.

An invitation for a future meeting

If you just scheduled a session, copy the invitation and send it to the person using any of the available methods. Alternatively, information can be sent by mail, via social networks, by SMS or by another method.


Now you know where to download for free, and how to work in Zoom from your computer. The program interface is clear and simple, so there shouldn’t be any difficulties with setting up and starting an Internet conference.


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