Download Zoom on your phone for free

On the Internet, there are often questions about how to download Zoom for free on your phone, and what needs to be done to register the application. Below we will look at several download methods and several registration options.

How to download Zoom

If you are thinking how to download Zoom on your phone in Russian, then do not waste your time – you will find all the necessary links and instructions here.

On a smartphone

You can use your PC to download the Zoom app for your phone for free. There are two ways here.

  • enter the Play Market or App Store, or simply follow the links below;

Download Zoom for Android

Download for Iphone

  • enter the name of the program in the search bar (Zoom);
  • start downloading the application;
  • wait for the installation.


From the solutions given, it is better to download the application directly from your smartphone. It’s free, fast and eliminates the risk of downloading a virus file.

If the phone is old

This method is only suitable for Android phones that do not have a built-in app store. For this:

  • download the APK file of Zoom on the Internet to your PC or directly to your smartphone;
  • connect your smartphone to your computer (if necessary);
  • transfer information to the memory of a mobile device;
  • run the file and install the app.

This method is not recommended due to the high probability of getting infected with viruses or other malware.

So, you are convinced that you can download Zoom to your phone for free in a couple of seconds. Now let’s move on to the next step.


The next point requiring consideration is how to install Zoom on the phone after downloading using one of the methods discussed above. No special action is needed here. Follow the instructions on your smartphone and give the program the necessary permissions (when it asks for them).

check in

Before using Zoom and holding conferences on your phone, you need to register in the application. The most popular options are to do this via e-mail or alternative routes.


Via e-mail

If you managed to download and install Zoom for free, proceed to registration. The algorithm is as follows:

  • run the program:
  • click on the Register button;
  • fill in your first and last name, enter your e-mail;
  • agree to the terms of use and touch registration;
  • enter your email, go to the letter and confirm the creation of your account.


other methods

Another option is to register on the platform using alternative methods. There are three options available here:


The easiest and fastest method to register for free on a mobile device is using Google. Do the following:

  • select the entry point through Google;
  • enter the e-mail or phone number of the account;
  • click on Next;
  • log in and confirm Login.

Now you know how to download the program for free and go to Zoom from your phone. The entire process described above takes no more than five minutes.


What to do if you can’t install

There are times when you are unable to download Zoom for free due to phone or server crashes. The question arises what to do if the application is not installed. The algorithm is as follows:

  • restart your smartphone;
  • make sure you have the Internet;
  • clean your cache;
  • try changing your app store login account;
  • check your device for viruses;
  • make sure you have enough space on your mobile device.

As a rule, the above steps will solve the problem, download and install Zoom on your phone for free.


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