Find a meeting in Zoom

One of the most common questions for novice users is how to find a meeting in Zoom so that you can join it and get new information. Below we will look at where to find the required data and how to enter the broadcast.

How to find a conference in Zuma

First, let’s look at how to find a conference in Zuma by number and immediately connect to it. Note that when creating a broadcast, the administrator copies the login data (ID and password), and then distributes them to future participants. The transfer of information can take place in the form of an invitation by e-mail or by transferring data for connection via another communication channel: using social networks, by SMS, via instant messengers or in another way.

Once you have the information you need, you can easily find and join a Zoom meeting. This can be done with or without registration.

In any case, the login algorithm will be identical:

  • enter the program;


  • enter the identifier you received;
  • enter the name that will be displayed during the broadcast;



  • make the necessary settings (for example, turn off the video when entering a room);
  • click on the login button;
  • enter your password and connect to the broadcast.


After completing these steps, you can continue to chat as usual in your web conference.

So finding a conference in Zoom was not difficult at all.

After that, you get all the privileges and capabilities of a Zoom video broadcast participant. By a similar principle, you can enter a conference from an application on your phone. Here you also need to open the program, click on the login button and enter your login information.


How to find the password for Zoom

There are many questions about how to find the password for a Zoom meeting in order to join it. Your administrator must provide this information along with your login ID. Alternatively, you can enter by invitation that comes by e-mail or in another way. In this case, the situation is simplified and you can enter the chat room even faster using the link from the invitation.


Now you know how to find a meeting in Zoom, and where to get a password to enter. To do this, you must have a recording at hand with an ID and a key for admission to the webcast. The necessary information is sent by the administrator in any of the available ways. If for some reason you cannot find the room you are looking for, check that you entered the data correctly or ask the creator for another invitation. Perhaps the old data has already lost its relevance.


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