Fix error 104103 in Zoom

In Zoom, error 104103 occurs for many users. This issue prevents you from connecting to your account and participating in the conference. You should understand the causes of the error and how to fix it.


Error 104103, 104104, 104105 occurs when it is impossible to connect to the servers. The most common reason is a poor quality internet connection. Also, the application can be blocked by the provider, firewall or antivirus.

If the user has been using Zoom for a long time, then error 104103 may have occurred due to a lack of updates. If the program has just been installed on the computer, then the reason may lie in an incorrect download.

How to fix

The simplest solution to problem 104103 is to reconnect to the network, that is, restart your modem or router. If the user observes an unstable connection, it is worth contacting the Internet provider. He also needs to find out if it is possible to connect to Zoom.

Error 104103-104106, 104110-104118 can be caused by a firewall blocking the program. This can be checked in the list of allowed applications as follows:

  1. In the “Start” line, enter “Windows Defender Firewall”. Click on the desired option.
  2. On the left side of the screen, select the section “Permissions to interact with the application …”. A list will open where you need to find Zoom. There should be two check marks opposite the name.

How to include Zoom in the list of allowed apps:

  1. If access is not allowed, you need to click on the “Change settings” button at the top of the list and allow the program to use private and public networks.
  2. If the program is not in the list, you should click “Change settings”, select at the bottom of the page “Allow another application …”. In the window that opens, enter the path to the file. Click “Add”, put a checkmark in front of the name.


If the firewall continues to block work by calling code 104103, then it should be disabled while using the program.

Antivirus can affect the operation of the application, especially if it is AVG Antivirus, ESET NOD32 or Kaspersky. These security programs often identify Zoom as an unwanted object. You should turn off your antivirus and try to log into your account.

If the application is being used for the first time, the download and installation may have gone wrong. You need to uninstall Zoom and installer and download again. You should also see if the installed version is the latest. If not, then you should update it through the official website.

If the cause has not been eliminated, then there are several additional solutions:

  1. Use VPN.
  2. Enter the conference through a browser.
  3. Contact technical support.

How to avoid

In order to prevent error 104103 in the future, you must:

  1. Identify the problem and fix it.
  2. Update the version regularly for stable operation.
  3. If Zoom blocks antivirus, you should disable it while using the program or download another defender.

How to fix error code 104103 in Zoom is a question that many users of this program have. The problem may be incorrect installation of the application, unstable network connection, the influence of a firewall or antivirus. The solution depends on the cause of the 104103 error.


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