How much traffic does Zoom spend per hour of the conference

Users who use mobile internet with limited data often wonder how much traffic Zoom is consuming. The information received will make it clear how much time should be spent for communication without exceeding the established limit. As a result of some experiments, it has long been known how much the Internet “eats” the favorite videoconferencing service. However, there are ways to reduce consumption, and we will also talk about them further.

How much traffic does Zoom consume?

Wondering how much traffic is wasted by Zoom on a conference? And first, you should understand that the data may differ slightly, and it depends on the broadcast quality selected in the settings. Here is some information that makes it clear how much of the Internet the platform eats up on a computer or smartphone:

  • standard picture resolution – consumes about 550 megabytes per hour;
  • high quality (HD) – approximately gigabytes;
  • Full HD resolution – over 1.6 GB per hour.

But the information provided is relevant only if communication occurs with one person. And when you join a conference with a huge number of participants, your mobile data consumption will increase slightly. You can get acquainted with the current statistics in the list:

  • standard picture resolution – about 820 MB;
  • quality 1280 by 720 pixels – consumes 1.4 GB;
  • 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution – 2.3 gigabytes.

And now you know how much traffic is spent per hour by the popular video conferencing service Zoom. Of course, in your case, the indicators may be different, and they depend on the services running in parallel. For example, if, in addition to communication, you listen to music online, this will also affect the overall traffic consumption.

How to reduce internet consumption?

Despite the fact that there is no traffic section in the Zoom settings, the consumption of mobile Internet can still be reduced. And here are the easiest ways to do this:

  • Change camera resolution. Oddly enough, but with a lower image quality, the amount of used traffic will also decrease. To do this, open the application settings, go to the “Video” section and uncheck the “Enable HD mode” item. It remains to save the edits and check the result.
  • Disable the camera. If broadcasting the picture is not necessary in the selected Zoom conference, you can simply refuse to use the webcam. In this case, traffic consumption will also decrease, and quite well.

Thus, we found out how much mobile Internet is consumed by Zoom. As it turned out, it is better not to use data transmission if a restriction is set by the mobile operator. Any conference consumes a lot of Internet, and you can fix it only by turning off the camera. Have questions? Then ask them in the comments!

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