How to add contacts in the Zoom app

On forums and interest groups, the question is often how to add contacts to Zoom to form a group or list of available users. Below we will consider how to implement this task on a PC and phone.

How to add a contact to Zoom

Immediately, we note that adding contacts in a program on a PC or in an application on a phone is available only to a registered user. Doing this is important because it allows you to quickly contact a person in a chat or connect him to a conference. This feature saves time when you need to quickly invite people and start chatting. Below we will look at how to add a contact in the Zoom application on different devices – using a PC or smartphone.


If you use a computer or laptop, first install the program, register and log in to it. Then take the following steps:


  • Click on the plus symbol in the window that appears.


  • Select Add Contact.
  • Enter the email address of the person you want to include on the list.


  • Click on the corresponding button.

In this case, the recipient receives an e-mail message about adding to the list.

The second option is to select the Copy invitation item in the window that appears.


The system copies the information to the clipboard, after which it can be transferred to users in any convenient way, for example, via social networks or a messenger. The invitation contains a URL link that will take the person to Zoom. Next, he needs to log in, and he is added to the list. The invitation looks like this:


On the phone

The above instruction allows you to add contacts on your computer. But there are situations when only the phone is at hand. If so, take the following steps:

  • Launch the Zoom app.
  • Log in and enter the Contacts section.
  • Click the Enable button (allows you to find people using Zoom).
  • Enter your phone number.


Another way is to go to the first section (Conference and chat), and then click on the Add contacts button. The system offers a choice of two options – by e-mail or from the phone book. After that, the person receives a notification.


Group creation

Many people ask how to create a contact group in Zoom. In the corresponding section of the program there are already several groups – with stars, external contacts, applications and contacts in the cloud. When hovering over the item “with stars”, right-click on the contact and thus mark it. Alternatively, you can create one or more channels separately and then send invitations to users with an ID.

Now you know how to add people to Zoom and form separate groups if desired. This feature allows you to quickly contact the right people and thereby simplify the process of using the program.


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