How to call Zoom

One of the most popular Zoom options is video calling, which allows you to speed up communication with the person of interest and avoid creating a conference. Below we will consider how to dial another person’s number, and whether it is possible to make a test call.

How to make a call with and without video

Not all users know about the ability to make calls to Zoom. This option allows you to replace the standard web conference and thereby speed up the process of one-to-one communication without going through complicated procedures.

Video calls Zoom

To make a video call to another user, you need the Zoom app on your phone or PC. Let’s consider the instructions separately.

On PC:

  • enter the program on the computer;
  • go to the Contacts section;



  • set the necessary settings and dial the user.

On the other end of the line, the person receives a video call request. He can choose one of the options – connect with or without video. Here you can also set a setting that allows you to see the preview window.

As soon as the recipient of the Zoom video call “picks up”, you need to Accept the request. If the standby mode was previously turned on, the person is transferred to it. After clicking the Accept button, you can start chatting. If you leave the conference, you can designate the person with whom the video call was made as an administrator.

On the phone:

  • enter the Zoom app on your smartphone;
  • go to the Contacts section;
  • select the user you plan to call;
  • click on the Conference button to communicate via a video call;


  • wait for the entrance from the other side and accept the overgrowth.

Otherwise, the principle of communication is the same as in the previous case.

Regular call

Many people ask how to make a call via Zoom without video. This is easy to do if you have a phone with an application installed on it. Take the following steps:

  • enter the Zoom program;
  • go to contacts and select the desired user;
  • click on the Phone button;
  • wait for a response and click on the Accept button.


If you only have Zoom on your PC at hand, follow the instructions above for a video call on your PC. When choosing a connection method, select No video.

How to make a test call

If you wish, you can make a test call to Zoom to make sure that all options are working correctly. To do this, take the following steps:

  • download the Zoom app on your PC if you haven’t already;
  • enter the link;


  • click Login and Open the program;
  • check the sound and operation of the microphone using the special windows.


In addition, you can check the video even before connecting when receiving a connection request (as mentioned above). The actions on the phone are approximately the same. If everything is in order, the system will display the message:


Now you know what a call from Zoom ru means, what it is, and how it works. This option is convenient when you do not need to create a new conference, but just contact another person by voice or chat with video without connecting additional users.


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