How to enable, configure and check the camera in Zoom

How to turn on the camera in Zoom, and also configure it correctly? Almost all conference participants who have encountered the service for the first time are interested in this. Broadcasting quality images is an essential part of any conversation. But fortunately, the developers of the program have taken care of all the necessary options, so to activate the necessary modes, it is enough to make just a couple of clicks. And we will talk about this in detail and with examples below.

How to turn on the camera in Zoom

And the first step is to figure out how to turn on the camera in Zoom on a laptop. In general, the broadcast of the image is activated automatically, but only if you have not changed the application settings. Otherwise, you have to do a few additional steps:

  1. During the conference, click on the video icon located in the bottom panel. It’s even signed for better navigation, so you definitely can’t go wrong. It is necessary to make the strikethrough disappear – as a result, the picture will be visible to all negotiators.
  2. You can also go the other way if you are just at the stage of entering the conference. And here, in order to connect the camera from the computer, you must uncheck the “Do not connect video” checkbox.

We would like to note that this setting will be applied to all conversations, that is, you will not need to click anything again.

How to set up a camera in Zoom

Now we suggest checking that everything is working correctly. To do this, ask other users if they see you. If it’s bad, then it is advisable to figure out how to set up the camera in Zoom. We’ve also prepared a step-by-step guide that we recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

  1. Open the Zoom program and go to the “Home” tab. Then click on the gear icon located in the corner of the screen.
  2. Here we go to the “Video” section and change the required parameters. For example, you can select a capture device, customize the video display, and even activate an enhancement option.

As for saving changes in the program, all you need to do is close the settings. Nothing extra is required, and all new options will be available in the next conference.

So, we figured out how to enable camera access in Zoom. As a rule, users do not have any problems with applying the settings.


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