How to enable / disable the waiting room in Zoom

People often ask what a Zoom lounge is and how to use it. Below we will consider what the tool is for, how to enable and disable it, what options are available to users.

What is it

Before turning on the Zoom Lounge, it is important to understand what this tool means and what functions it has. This is a built-in feature of the application that allows you to control other users when they are allowed to broadcast. After connecting to the conference, the person finds himself in a virtual Zoom waiting room, and the creator of the broadcast decides when and whom to let in. With the Zoom option, it is easier to control the admission process to a web conference, avoiding a chaotic influx of users.


Let’s take a quick look at why you can create a Zoom Lounge. The option is useful in the following cases:

  1. It is necessary to delay a new user when communication with another participant is delayed.
  2. You host many conferences and some of them may take longer.
  3. A closed meeting is planned for the scheduled broadcast with restricted access.

If you enable and configure this option correctly, you can simplify the process of admitting to video conference.

How to enable and disable

Let’s figure out how to activate the waiting room in the Zoom platform, and turn off this tool if necessary. Several options are possible here.

For the entire Zoom program:

  • login to;
  • click on the item My account (after authorization);


  • go to Settings;


  • find the required item;


  • enable it (if disabled).

For a single video conference:

  • login to the site and go to the My Account section;
  • click on the Conference item;


  • click on the Schedule link;
  • fill in the data in the empty fields;
  • Check the box to enable the lounge.


In the same way, you can enable the function in the Zoom app on your smartphone or in the PC software.

During the web conference:

  • enter a new or scheduled broadcast;
  • go to the Participants section;
  • click on the symbol with three dots at the bottom right;


  • look for Lounge On and check the box.

If you are wondering how to turn off the Lounge in Zoom, follow the same steps.

How to use the function

Knowing how to configure a useful option, you will be able to control the flow of users and only allow those you need. To admit a person to the conference, click the Accept button, and if you want to admit everyone at once, click Accept All.

It happens that during the broadcast, you need to remove a person and transfer him to the Zoom Lounge. Take the following steps:

  • find the required participant;
  • click the “More” link next to the name;


  • select Transfer to Lounge.

To send a letter to any of the participants in a separate “room”, do the following:

  • click on the Chat link;
  • select the To field in the list that appears;
  • click Everyone;
  • enter your message and send it.


At the same time, users awaiting admission to the conference see the message and understand how to proceed.

Now you know what a Zoom waiting room is, what are the features of this option, how to enable and disable it. If you plan to always use the tool, it is better to immediately activate it in the general settings. If you need it from time to time, activate it for certain broadcasts.


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