How to enable microphone in Zoom

How do I enable the microphone in the Zoom app on my phone or computer? If you do not go into technical details, then the audio broadcast is automatically activated after installing the program. But many users turn off a useful option, as a result of which the other participants in the conversation simply do not hear them. However, you can solve the problem in just a few seconds – and read on about that.

How to enable the microphone in Zoom on phone and PC

So, it’s time to figure out how to turn on the microphone in a Zoom meeting via an app on your computer or smartphone. And this is done as follows:

  1. On a PC, during a conference, click on the sound icon located in the bottom panel. If you see a crossed out label in front of you, then this indicates that the mode simply does not work. And to change such a setting, you need to click on the icon – the desired option is activated automatically. On the phone, the procedure is similar, only initially you need to select “Connect”, then – “Call using device sound”.
  1. There is another option related to presetting. On the page with the entrance to the conference, you need to uncheck the “Do not connect audio” item. Then we can quietly join the meeting.

And if you do not know how to set up a microphone in Zoom on a laptop, then no additional steps are required. You just need to grant permission to capture audio, and the rest of the program will apply automatically.

What if I can’t turn it on?

Successful microphone setup on a computer or phone depends on the version of the program installed. Therefore, in case of an error, the first thing we recommend is to check for updates. And then we follow the standard algorithm:

  • check for permissions;
  • see that there is an Internet connection;
  • make sure that audio can be broadcast in a particular conference;
  • reinstalling the application.

Thus, activating a microphone in Zoom is no more difficult than installing an app. You just need to click one icon at a time.


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