How to enable screen sharing in Zoom

One of the most useful Zoom options is screen sharing, designed to display any information (file, document, presentation, etc.) during a web meeting. Below we will look at how to enable and disable this option on a phone or computer.


First, let’s look at how to enable screen sharing in Zuma in the full version of the application – from a computer. Take the following steps:

  • Join a Zoom meeting.
  • Click the Screen Sharing button on the toolbar.


  • Select the required screen or application located on the desktop.
  • Set additional settings. Alternatively, you can set PC audio sharing and optimized for full screen viewing.
  • Start the process by clicking the Share button.


Then, using a special menu, you can turn on and off audio / video, manage participants, start a new process or add comments. Recording, inviting to a conference, changing sound / audio parameters and other options are also available. If the question is how to turn off the demonstration, you must click on the corresponding button in the Zoom control panel.


If desired, you can organize the presentation of the presentation from a computer. To do this, run the option as described above. When choosing an option, indicate the presentation prepared and added to the PC (for example, made using PowerPoint).

On the phone

Phone functions allow you to share the screen in the Zoom program, photos, documents, Google Drive, Dropbox, bookmarks, message board and other information. To launch the option from your phone, do the following:

  1. Create a Zoom web meeting.
  2. Click on the Share button.
  3. Select the content that you want to show from your phone. Depending on the type of document, you may need to specify the file path manually. For example, select a presentation that has been downloaded to your smartphone beforehand.


If you are looking for how to make a demonstration of the screen itself in Zoom using a mobile device on iOS or Android, then difficulties may arise here. Not all models support the demonstration of the screen itself. If in the drop-down menu you have the item “Screen” – great, click on it and everything that happens will be available to the participants of the event.

If this item is not there (as in the screenshot), then most likely your mobile phone does not allow using this function, so it is better to use a computer, or think about how to get by with individual photos, files, documents. You can stop the demonstration at any time by clicking on the desired icon below.


If you plan to show a presentation from your phone in Zoom, it is better to upload it to Google Drive in advance, so as not to occupy the memory of your mobile device and not to waste time copying information.

By the way, if it is assumed that the conference participants will also show the screen, then do not forget to enable this in the Conference Settings:


Screen Sharing in Zoom is a useful tool that you can use on your computer and phone during a meeting. If you plan to use it, for example, to display a presentation, prepare the documents in advance and place them in a convenient place (as an option, Google Drive).


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