How to enter Zoom conference without downloading and registering

Many users ask if Zoom can enter a meeting without downloading the app and registering. It is quite possible if you have instructions at hand. Below is a look at how to implement this solution on a phone and PC.

How to enter Zoom without registration

First, let’s look at how to download Zoom for free and enter the conference without registration.

Algorithm of actions on a PC:

For Windows

For Mac

For Linux

  • Press the button Enter the conference.
  • In the window that opens, enter the video conference ID. This information must be provided by the conference organizer. The data is sent by e-mail or using social networks.
  • Enter your first and last name in the special field. Enter correct data and try not to be smart with information. It is important that the name is real, this is how you will be signed for the organizer and other participants.
  • Select the Do not unmute check box if you want to quietly enter the Zoom meeting and not distract other participants. In the future, audio can be turned on at any time.
  • Check the Disable my video checkbox to avoid showing yourself after entering the conference.
  • Click on the login button.

In this way, you can enter a Zoom meeting without registering. If the organizer has set a password, enter it in the special field and click on the corresponding button. It must be sent to you along with the identifier. Adjust the audio and video immediately afterwards.

To join a Zoom web meeting from your phone, do the following (download the app):

  • Download the program from the Play Market or App Store or from the links below.

Download Zoom for Android

Download for Iphone

  • Press the button Enter the conference.
  • Fill in the field with the identifier or select the option to enter using a personal link.
  • Please enter a name. By default, the system sets the phone model in this field.
  • Move the Do not connect toggle switch to the right to quietly enter the broadcast.
  • Move the toggle switch to the right to disable video on entry.
  • Click the Join conference button.

As in the case of a PC, make the necessary settings.

How to log in without downloading

If desired, Zoom clients can connect to the video conference without downloading the program online (via a browser). The downside is that the web version has limitations and only works best in Google Chrome.

To log in without downloading, do the following:

  • Go to the official resource
  • Click on the button Enter the conference (allows you to enter without downloading software, through a browser).
  • Enter the identifier provided by the creator of the broadcast.
  • Click on the corresponding button under the field with the identifier.

The browser offers to open Zoom on the PC, if it is installed. In the case when you go to go without downloading, click on the corresponding link below. After that, windows for entering a login, password and username will open. Fill them out and click the login link.

To avoid disturbing attendees, mute the audio before attending a Zoom broadcast without downloading. To do this, click on the special icon with a microphone. You can later change the settings based on the goals of the web conference.

Now you know how to enter a Zoom meeting without downloading and registering. But remember that the capabilities of the browser version are limited, and the lack of an account does not allow you to create broadcasts yourself. To get all the functionality, it is recommended to download the software to your PC and phone, as well as to go through authorization. Moreover, downloading the software and creating an account is completely free.


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