How to get the pairing code for Zoom

One of the most important elements of Zoom’s Rooms option is the pairing code required to connect and identify the user. Below we will consider what it is, how to get it, and where to enter when connecting with other participants.

What is it

The Zoom Rooms pairing code is a set of characters to be used when connecting the Zoom computer application and the Zoom Rooms Controller. It is available only to admins who are subscribed to. The password itself is presented in the form of six characters, consisting only of Latin letters.


How to get a

Many questions concern how to get the pairing code for Zoom, and whether you need to visit additional services for this. The system automatically generates a key upon entering the room and connecting. So, when adding Zoom Rooms from the controller, you can set the name of the room, integration with the calendar, access code to the Room and location.

Algorithm of actions for entering the system :

  • Install the Zoom Room Conference Room software on the PC and the Zoom Rooms application on the controller.

Download Zoom Room for PC

Download controller app:




  • Open the program on the controller.
  • Look at the computer screen for a character set of interest.


  • Register the data on the Zoom controller. Everything is simple here. Six empty fields appear on the screen, where you must enter the pairing code for a future conference.
  • Click on the controller Login.


After that, you can create a new room, set the calendar type and other data. Optionally, you can set a room passkey or skip this step.

To communicate with the controller , a Zoom activation code is required, which is used with the pairing key. Here’s the algorithm:

  • Create Zoom Rooms on the site or enter the desired room if it has already been created.


  • Get an activation code for the room. An e-mail with this data is sent to the owner.
  • Open Zoom Rooms on the Zoom Rooms Controller tablet.


  • Find the pairing code and enter it on the controller.


  • Click on the Enter activation code button.
  • Enter the data that is indicated on the web portal or sent in an e-mail. After that, the PC and the controller are authorized.

If you need to join a meeting , a key is also required here. The algorithm is as follows:

  • Dial the IP address from H.323 or SIP device to enter the screensaver.
  • Sign in to the Zoom web portal.
  • Click “Meetings”.
  • Join a meeting in an H.323 or SIP room system.
  • Enter the conference ID and pairing code.
  • Click Connect.


The situation is different if these actions are performed by the administrator . The algorithm is as follows:

  • Log in to the Zoom web portal as an administrator.
  • Click User Management.
  • Click on “Users”.
  • Click on the user’s e-mail address.
  • Click on Meetings and then on upcoming meetings.
  • Click Pairing near the meeting.
  • Enter the key (you can take it from the screen).
  • Click Connect.


In all cases, the character set in question is used to verify the user.

Now you know what a pairing key is and where to enter it. In simple words, this is a password with which you can start a conference and pass authorization. It is generated automatically, and the user only needs to transfer it correctly into empty columns.


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