How to hack a conference in Zoom

In Zoom, conference hacking is carried out in different ways, but most often attackers brute-force passwords using special software. Such programs automatically generate various codes, and in case of a suitable option, display it on the screen. We will not tell you how to hack a conference in Zuma, as this violates user rights and service rules. But let’s take a look at what this is for and how to avoid involving a stranger in the meeting, for fun.


How are Zoom conferences hacked?

Previously, before entering the required password, many conferences did not have to be hacked at all – it was enough to simply join the meeting using a link. But since April 2020, the administration of the service has changed the rules, so now all conferences must be necessarily protected with a certain password.

However, it turned out that even such a protection measure is not entirely effective, especially when it comes to experienced hackers. To hack the event, it was enough to use a special program (brute force) that automatically generates and picks passwords. But, according to the developers, after the next update, the vulnerability was eliminated, so now it is not possible to get illegal access to the event in Zoom.

Why conferences are hacked?

As it turns out, Zoom meetings are often hacked, not for the sake of obtaining classified information, but just for fun. There are a lot of videos on YouTube in which unknown users connected to school lessons and lectures, and then played strange music or used screen sharing. As a result, teachers could not calmly conduct classes, which was so popular with viewers of such content. The hacked version remained working until the next update was released, in which the developers corrected the lack of service.

How to protect a conference from hacking?

Despite the introduction of significant restrictions, many users are still interested in how to hack Zoom. It is for this reason that you should take care of the security of the event in Zoom, because a huge number of vulnerabilities have not yet been identified.

Here are some guidelines to prevent hacking and protect your events:

  • Update Zoom to the latest version. According to the developers, all previously discovered security problems in the next assembly have been resolved. If you are using a smartphone, then go to the Play Market or App Store and click on the “Update” button located on the page with the application. And if a computer is used for communication, then you can check for updates in the appropriate section.
  • Create a strong conference password and do not share it with strangers.
  • Do not distribute the link to the collection in all sources. Try to send the invitation only to the right people using private messages.

Thus, we examined how conference hacking is performed in Zoom and whether it is possible to secure the event. If you still have additional questions, be sure to ask them in the comments to the article!


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