How to host a Zoom meeting

Novice users often cannot figure out how to create a meeting in Zoom, how to invite other users, and what settings to set. Let’s consider these points in more detail.

How to make a conference in Zoom

There are two ways to organize a Zoom conference on your phone or PC – schedule it in advance or create it right away and invite participants. The algorithm of actions for mobile devices and computers is almost identical, so let’s look at the general instructions.

To schedule a Zoom meeting, do the following:


  • Fill in the fields provided. To organize a video conference, specify the subject, date, specifics of creating an identifier, password (if any). Decide on the video and audio parameters. If necessary, click on the Advanced options button and activate the waiting room, the ability to log in before the creator and automatic recording.
  • Click on the Finish or Schedule button.


With step-by-step instructions at hand, making a Zoom video conference is not difficult.

The second way for the organizer is to create a broadcast right away. For this:

  • Enter the program using your data.
  • Click on the New Conference button. At this stage, immediately decide whether you will enter immediately with or without video.


  • At this stage, it will not be superfluous to check the operation of the microphone and speaker, as well as set automatic entry into the broadcast.


  • Now click on the link Signin using computer sound.

These steps are enough to create a Zoom Web Meeting.

Invite users

After creating an online webinar, send out invitations to other attendees. Here you have two options – an invitation directly during the broadcast or before it.

If you’ve already created a Zoom event, do the following:

  • Click on the Participants button. A list of people appears on the right side.


  • Click on the Invite link.


  • Choose the method of sending – via contacts or email.
  • Paste your Zoom web meeting code and password message.


If you have not yet managed to create a conference, but have just scheduled it, you have two options:

  • Use a web browser. To do this, copy the URL and send it to the participants. Alternatively, click on the Invite button and select the mailbox for sending the invitation.
  • Copy the link to the Zoom web meeting and send it through another messenger. Another option is to copy the identifier in the event details and send it in any convenient way.


Please note that the URL is used for broadcasts that do not have a password. Such data can be sent by e-mail. In the case of an invitation, it includes the code and password to attend the Zoom meeting.

For a telephone, the principle of inviting participants is similar. After clicking the Invite button during the broadcast, choose one of five options – Messages, Gmail, Email, Invite Contacts, or Copy URL. Alternatively, you can create a mailing list manually.


Before starting a conference in Zoom, it is recommended to make settings. To do this, enter the settings (gear symbol). The next step (on a PC) is the following:

  • Go to the Video section in the lower left corner and set the options you want.


  • Enter the Sound category. Here, select your speakers and microphone, set the volume and other options.


Also go through the rest of the settings and make the appropriate settings.

What’s next

The way Zoom conferences are held depends on the topics and tasks of the organizer. As a rule, it is enough to create a broadcast and communicate with other users using video and sound. Other tools can be used depending on the situation, for example, enable screen sharing.

With the instructions at hand, you will quickly figure out how to create a meeting in Zoom, how to set it up and invite participants. Pay particular attention to the audio and video settings.


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