How to join a conference in Zoom

One of the main tasks for a Zoom user is to log into the conference in order to access the settings control panel and, in fact, interact with other users. Below we will look at how to connect on a PC and phone, and what to do if difficulties arise.

How to enter a Zoom video conference

The principles of entering a Zoom conference are very similar for a phone and a computer. But there are a number of features that we will dwell on in more detail.

On the computer

There are two ways to join a video conference – with and without registration. Let’s consider each of the options.

To enter the Zoom web conference without registering, follow these steps:

  • enter the program;
  • provide an identifier (provided by the organizer);
  • enter the name that will be used during the broadcast and visible to all participants;
  • check the box if you want to remember the name;
  • uncheck the video off item so as not to immediately get into the frame;
  • after activating the Login button, click on it to visit Zoom;
  • type the password provided by the organizer;
    • Click Enter the conference.

    After that, you can adjust the sound and video according to your preferences

    Now let’s look at how to connect to a Zoom meeting after registration. The algorithm is as follows:

    • go to Zoom using your username and password;
    • click on the “Login” button;
      • Then you need to do all the same actions: enter the identifier, name, password and check the correctness of the settings and checkboxes.

      Another way for Zoom users is to join a Zoom meeting using a link. To do this, the administrator must create a login URL and send it to potential listeners. The link is available for registered or unregistered users. After clicking on the URL, the program opens and access to the video conference. The link can come via SMS, mailbox or messenger. It might look something like this:

On a mobile device

An equally important question is how to enter a Zoom meeting using an Android or iOS phone. As in the case of a PC, here are instructions for users with and without registration.

To enter the number without registration, first enter the program. Next, take the following steps:

  • press the button Enter the conference;
  • enter the Zoom broadcast number provided by the organizer;
  • if there is a personal URL link, follow it;
  • enter a name that other users will see;
  • press the button to enter and enter the password (if required);
  • click on Continue.If you are a registered user, do the following:
    • log in to the Zoom program;
    • click on the join Zoom Meeting button;
    • write down the identifier;
    • confirm your intention to log in.

    In this case, the name is taken from the personal account data. If there is a link, you can click on it and go directly to the desired web conference. If the name does not suit you, you can change it to any other before entering.

    What to do if you can’t join a video conference

    Users often face a situation where, for various reasons, they cannot enter a Zoom meeting. If so, take the following steps:

    1. Make sure you are entering the correct number or characters are not missing from the link.
    2. Check for internet availability. To do this, try going to some other site.
    3. Ask the host when the conference starts. It may not have been launched yet.

    As a rule, these actions are enough to solve difficulties. If after all the steps you are unable to enter the Zoom video conference, ask your administrator to restart it again.

    Now you know how to connect to a Zoom meeting from your computer, laptop, and smartphone. If you have any difficulty with this, follow the recommendations above or contact support.

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