How to pay for Zoom

Many users are not satisfied with the possibilities of the free version of the messenger, and they ask how to pay for Zoom and get advanced features. Below we will consider what tariffs the developer offers, what are the features of making a payment, and what to do if errors occur during this process.

How to pay for Zoom

Before you pay for Zoom meeting plans, decide what options are available. At the end of May 2020, customers are offered four tariffs. Some of them are free (basic), and three more Zoom plans require payment:

  1. Professional – $ 14.99 / month.
  2. Business – $ 19.99 / month.
  3. Enterprise – $ 19.99 / month.


Paid subscriptions have the advantage of increasing the number of participants, increasing conference time and getting additional options.

This raises the question of how to pay for Zoom from Russia, and whether it can be done in rubles. Here the algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Enter the official Zoom website –
  • Go to the section Tariff plans and prices (top left).
  • Review the terms of available packages and select the appropriate option.
  • Click on the Buy Now button.


  • Choose for what period you plan to pay for using the paid version of the program – for a month or a year. Note that choosing the latter option can save you 30% of the Zoom cost.


  • Indicate the necessary additions to the standard tariff plan.


  • Select payment currency. There are Canadian dollars, yens, pounds, euros, Australian dollars and American dollars to choose from. It is more logical for residents from Russia to choose the latter option, because rubles are not provided.


  • Look again at the amount payable at the moment (excluding taxes).
  • Check that all information has been entered correctly.
  • Click on the continue button and fill in the proposed fields – name and surname, mailbox, company name, number of employees, address, city, country, etc.


  • Select a Payment Method. There are two options available here – bank cards or PayPal.


  • If you decide to pay for Zoom with a credit card, enter your last name and first name, plastic number, CVV, expiration date and year.
  • Check the box that the address matches the contact information and confirm that you are not a robot.
  • Please tick the box to accept the privacy policy and terms of service.
  • Click on the Upgrade to a higher plan now button.


Then confirm the payment. The money will be withdrawn in rubles at the current exchange rate, so you can pay for the service using a ruble card. Before proceeding to the transaction, make sure once again that the data is entered correctly.

If you have chosen the option with PayPal, check the required fields and go to the payment page. The transition is made automatically.

If you have successfully paid for Zoom, you can immediately start the conference and use the professional plan features.

Problems and solutions

There are situations when a user cannot pay for Zoom. The reason may be incorrect data entry, temporary failure of the system or lack of sufficient funds on the account. Check again that the specified information is correct and that there is enough money on your PayPal card or wallet to make the payment. If all else fails, contact Zoom support.


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