How to put chroma key in Zoom

How do I enable chroma key in Zoom? In short, not every user can do the background replacement, and everything is related to the technical characteristics of a smartphone or computer. First, the device must be powerful enough. And secondly, to support the required technology (this refers to the version of the application). If everything is in order, then proceed to the step by step instructions.

How do I chroma key in a Zoom conference?

And first we want to note that for the mode to work correctly, it is advisable to sit in front of a green background. For example, wallpaper, a wall and even curtains can act as it. Have you chosen a suitable location? Then it’s time to figure out how to turn on the chroma key in Zoom:

  1. On the computer, click on the arrow icon located on the camera. In the menu that appears, click on the item “Select virtual background”, and then set the image you like. Also, the picture can be loaded from the PC memory using the plus (+) icon.
  1. If you are interested in how to put a beautiful image to decorate a conference on a smartphone, then click on the item “Details”. And then all that remains is to choose the appropriate style and save the changes.

Unfortunately, you can’t make a virtual background for Zoom without a chroma key. You will have to use the option offered by the service itself. However, you can create a comfortable atmosphere with the help of improvised means – it is enough for negotiations to choose a beautiful wall and sit opposite it.


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