How to recover Zoom password

In Zoom, you can recover your password from a computer or a mobile device. This process is done in a couple of clicks via the client’s email.

 How to restore on a computer

Regardless of how Zoom is used on a laptop – through a browser or a desktop application when logging into your account, you must click on the “Forgot your password?” It is located in the field for its input.

Clicking on it will open the recovery page . You must enter the email address associated with your account and used as a login at login, pass the captcha verification and click “Submit”.

If a user tries to log into an account using a browser and specifies an incorrect password, a notification will appear above the login form with a link to request an email to be sent. When you click on it, a letter will be sent to the specified mail with instructions on how to restore the password in Zuma.


Within 5-10 minutes the message will appear in the mail. You need to open it and follow the link to the recovery page. The user needs to enter a new code and confirm it. After the login information is changed, you should go to the login page and log in.

How to restore on the phone

When using the conference software on your phone, you can recover your password as follows:

  1. Open the application, click on the inscription “Login”. Select “Forgot your password?” Under the login form. Specify email and click “Send”.
  2. Log in to mail using Gmail, Yandex.Mail or another mobile application and open the letter.
  1. Clicking on the link will open the recovery page in the browser. It is necessary to enter new data, confirm them. After that, open the application and log in.
  1. If the letter has not arrived, you should check your spam folder or unblock the address . If this does not help, you should request a letter to restore access again.
  2. You can restore Zoom both from your computer and your phone. The user must have access to the mail that was specified during registration. A letter will come to her with instructions for restoring access.


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