How to remove the 40 minute limit in Zoom

One of the main disadvantages of Zoom is the 40-minute limit for broadcasts with three or more people. Below we will consider what the essence of this limit is, what features the free version provides, and whether it is possible to increase the broadcast time.


In which package does the Zoom limit apply

The Zoom app is available for free if you use the Basic version. For the rest of the packages (Professional, Business or Enterprise) you will have to pay – $ 14.99 or $ 19.99 per month.

But the free version of Zoom has a time limit. You can communicate in it for only 40 minutes, after which the connection is cut off and you need to connect again. The rule applies to a situation when three or more people participate in the broadcast. If this option does not suit you, you must install a paid version of the software. For example, in the Business package, you can get Zoom without any minute limit. As for the Professional tariff, here this period is 24 hours.


If there are only two people participating in the conference, the 40 minute limit does not apply. Users can chat as much as they need. As soon as a third participant connects to the broadcast, an internal timer starts, and after 40 minutes the webinar ends.

The time limit is not the only drawback of the free version. The number of participants is also limited here, which can be no more than 100. At the same time, the total number of web conferences is not limited.


Otherwise, users have access to a full set of options:

  • Video conferencing functions – virtual background, waiting room, screen sharing, HD video and communication and more.
  • Web conferencing functions – personal ID, local MP4 recording, desktop sharing, private and group chat.
  • Collaboration features – group messaging, collaborative commenting, keyboard / mouse control, message board communication, and more.
  • Security – SSL encryption, AES encryption.


In other words, the free version of Zoom has sufficient functionality for full communication. The limit applies only to the number of participants (up to 100) and the duration of the broadcast (up to 40 minutes). Otherwise, users get a full set of useful functions.


Is it possible to increase the conference time

In the spring of 2020, during the quarantine period, Zoom lifted the 40 minute restrictions. We note right away that this is a non-permanent promotion that can be terminated at any time. To remove the limit, do the following:


  • Give him a name and check the box in the Private section.


  • Invite other participants by calling in a group chat.
  • Create a web conference with video.


If you start streaming as usual, the 40 minute limit will apply. Thus, Zoom did not cancel, but only suspended the limit for the duration of the quarantine.


The 40 minute limit is one of the main disadvantages of free Zoom. But you need to come to terms with it or look for alternatives. If you use the program often, it makes sense to buy the Professional version and increase this parameter to 24 hours.


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