How to save a meeting to Zoom

Users on the web often ask how to record a conference in Zoom, so that in the future information can be repeated, corrected for errors, or solved other problems. Below we will consider the recording rules, their storage location and other important points.



Zoom developers have provided a function that allows you to save web meetings on a PC or laptop. Make the correct settings before recording video. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Click on the gear symbol in the upper right after entering the program.


  • Go to the Recording section.


  • Set the location where Zoom saves the video. You can leave the default setting. Typically, information is saved under the link C: UsersUserDocumentsZoom. If your C drive is low on space, you might want to change the video conferencing storage location. To do this, click the Change button and select a folder for further file transfer.


  • Check the required boxes. Here you can set up a separate file recording for each speaker, add a time frame, save temporary files, etc.


After setting all the settings, exit them to the main page. It is unnecessary to do any additional actions, because all entered data is saved automatically.

How to record a meeting in Zoom

After completing the steps above, you can record the conference in Zoom. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Click on the New conference button.
  2. Make the necessary settings if not already done.
  3. Click on the Record button.
  4. Pause or disable the process by pressing the appropriate buttons.


The broadcast can be recorded not only by the administrator, but also by an ordinary participant. To do this, you need to know how to request write permission. If you want to record a lecture, contact the administrator directly or via chat. To open access, you must do the following (from the side of the conference creator):

  1. Enter the Participant Management section, at the bottom of the Participants screen;
  2. Select the user to whom you want to open privileges;
  3. Click “More” next to the name “
  4. Allow the participant to record the video conference.


The user receives a message about the possibility to record a video. In a similar way, you can prohibit this action by selecting the appropriate item.

How to watch and download a web conference

After the broadcast ends, many people ask how to watch the recording of the meeting in Zoom. There are two ways here:

  1. Enter Settings, and then go to the appropriate category and click on the View button.
  2. Navigate to the folder where you saved the Zoom meeting and open it with one of the available programs.

If the question is how to download a video from Zoom, just go to the file and move it to the desired section. If users ask for information, you can place the file on a cloud service and throw off the download link.

Before recording a conference in Zoom, keep in mind that an hour-long video of the screen sharing takes an average of 20 MB. A regular video recording weighs 10 times more – up to 200 MB. This is an approximate parameter, because a lot depends on the resolution, format and content.


If you are broadcasting from a mobile device, you will not be able to record a Zoom conference on your phone. This option is not provided in the application.


It is possible to record a video conference – one of the most useful features of Zoom. But here it is important to correctly set the settings and remember that to capture the video, the participant will have to ask for permission. The function will be inactive without administrator approval.


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