How to sign in to Zoom from your phone

Today, more and more people use smartphones, so the question of how to enter a Zoom conference through a phone is increasingly common. Below we give a step-by-step instruction of the process, we will analyze the features and difficulties that may arise at this stage.

How to enter Smartphone Zoom

Before you enter Zoom from your phone, take the preparatory steps. The algorithm is as follows:

Download Zoom for Android

Download for Iphone

  • Register in the program (if you are not an organizer, then this point can be omitted).


In the next step, you can go directly to the program conference. Do the following:

  • Enter the program using your username and password.
  • Click the Login button.
  • Enter the video conference ID. This information is transmitted by the administrator in the form of a code and password or invitation. Alternatively, click on the arrow in this field and select one of the identifiers that you selected earlier.


  • Set your sound options. Here you can move the toggle switch to the Do not connect sound position.
  • Decide on the video. Before entering, you can select Select my video.
  • Click the Join conference button.
  • If the organizer has set a password, now it will be necessary to enter it. (it should have been provided to you along with the identifier).


If you are the administrator of a web conference, you can create one and immediately join the broadcast on your phone.

However, we strongly recommend that you conduct a conference from a computer, navigation there is much more convenient, you can quickly perform the necessary actions, and the computer is fixed on the table, which will allow participants to see and hear you better.

But if only the phone is at hand, and the audience is waiting for you, then go through the following steps:

  • Click on the New conference button.
  • Play video (optional).
  • Check the box to use the Personal Conference ID.
  • Click the Start Video Conference button.
  • You can manage your conference settings using the bottom menu that pops up when you click anywhere on the screen.


After logging in, you can use to chat with other conference participants, adjust video and sound, enable screen sharing, or use other features.

Problems and solutions

There are situations where you cannot log into a Zoom meeting through your phone and the app fails. The reasons can be different, starting with the incorrect input of the identifier, ending with system malfunctions. To solve the problem, do the following:

  1. Restart the app and restart your phone.
  2. Update the Zoom software.
  3. Make sure the Zoom has all the required permissions.
  4. Check if the ID is entered correctly. One mistake is enough to prevent you from getting into the video conference.
  5. Ask the administrator to send an invitation again if you need to enter someone else’s broadcast.

Now you know how to log into a Zoom web meeting using your phone, and what to do if you have a problem. This method of broadcasting is convenient, because it allows you to use all the capabilities of the software from a mobile device without being tied to a stationary PC or laptop.


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