How to sign up for Zoom

Many users ask if registration in Zoom is available for free, and what steps must be taken to start the conference. Below we will consider a brief instruction on how to register in Zoom on a phone and a PC, we will analyze the basic settings and capabilities of the program.


How to sign up for Zuma for free on a computer and smartphone

Zoom features allow you to register for free from a mobile device or PC. In both cases, the client receives an account with the ability to create conferences and connect to existing chats.


Before registering with Zoom from your computer, download and install the application.

For Windows

For Mac

For Linux

After that, take the following steps:


  • Click on the Register for free button. Alternatively, log in with Google, CEB or Facebook;


  • Enter your date of birth;


  • Specify a mailbox or select one of the existing ones (if you chose Google)


  • Enter the verification code and click Register;
  • Log in to your mailbox and click on the account activation link;


  • Fill in your full name and enter your password in the tab that opens;
  • Click on the Continue link;


  • Invite friends immediately by entering their email address or skip this step;
  • Start a test conference (optional).


After completing the above steps, registration on the site is complete. From now on, you can create meetings in Zoom and invite friends for free.


On the phone

Knowing how to sign up to Zoom from your phone makes it easy to go without a computer and create an account from a public transit, coffee shop, office or any other location. Algorithm of actions:

  • Download the Zoom app from the App Store or Google Play or from the links below;

For Android

For Iphone

  • Click on the SignUp Zoom Us link;
  • Fill in the email fields, enter your surname and first name;
  • Check the box that you agree to the terms of participation;
  • Wait for the e-mail and confirm the creation of the record.


As with the PC, you can sign up for Zoom on your phone for free via Google, Facebook or CEB. The most preferable login is through Google, because in this case there is no need to link the mailbox. When authorizing via Google, enter your e-mail or enter your phone number, and then follow the instructions. At the end, select Create an account and allow opening Zoom.


Basic settings and capabilities

The instructions for registering with Zoom will be useful for students, teachers, business representatives and other users. With its help, you can avoid mistakes and go straight to work. After registering and entering the program, the following items are available:

  1. New conference. By clicking this button, you can create a new web conference or return to it.
  2. Plan. Moving to a category allows you to program the broadcast for the future and prepare a link for participants.
  3. Screen sharing. If you select this option, you can connect to the broadcast and show the image on the display.
  4. Chat. Designed for communication during broadcasting.
  5. Conference. Contains information about the conference room and ID.
  6. Contacts. It is easy to find information about users in this category.

Zoom is a user-friendly platform for education and business with a simple interface and allows you to broadcast for free for 40 minutes. After registering and creating a web conference, you can control video, unmute and unmute audio, enable recording, and display the image on the screen. All features are available for free, making Zoom one of the best web conferencing software out there.


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