How to split attendees by room in Zoom

Many teachers and educators are interested in how to divide the participants into groups in Zoom. The function allows you to selectively isolate students from each other, preventing them from texting or communicating aloud. This is very useful during remote tests or tests.

Instructions for creating session rooms

Before creating a conference, you need to enable the function to divide students into rooms. This can be done as follows:

    1. Log in to the system on the official Zoom website . A profile will open with a list of sections available for customization on the left side of the screen.


  1. To enable the ability to divide participants by rooms, you need to go to the following items: “Personal”, “Settings”, “Conference”, “At conference (extended)”. In the last specified section, the second item “Session hall” will be the second. It is necessary to turn the toggle switch opposite this inscription into working condition.
  2. When creating the next conference, the organizer will have the opportunity to distribute students into groups. If desired, he can separate them when planning.

After enabling the ability to create rooms, the user will see the Session Rooms feature in the desktop application overlay. By clicking on the label, the organizer can set the required number of groups. You can distribute participants:

  • manually (the teacher sends a link to a specific group);
  • automatically (the participant is sent a link to enter the free room).

They also get into it when the halls are closed by the creator of the lesson or his co-organizers. You can close all at once or each separately.

The problem of how to divide participants into rooms in Zuma can be solved in a few clicks through the desktop application. While in separate groups, students will not be able to talk or correspond. If the teacher cannot create rooms, then he has not enabled this function in the settings of his personal account on the official website.


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