How to stream music to Zoom

In the Zoom program, music can be played by a favorite participant who has started broadcasting an image from their computer screen. And you should immediately notice that you can play the song only through the application on the PC – the mode is not yet available for smartphones. Well, let’s figure out how to listen to music in Zoom, while manually adjusting the volume and other parameters.

How to stream music in a conference in Zoom

So, it’s time to figure out how to stream music in Zoom. To do this, we have compiled step-by-step instructions detailing the procedure for starting the desired track:

  1. We open the program on the computer.
  2. Select “Screen Sharing” and provide the necessary permissions.
  1. Go to the “Advanced” tab and activate the “Computer sound only” option.
  2. We click “Share” and successfully start the data broadcast.

Now you just have to use any player and play the desired melody. All participants in the event will hear the song, but just try to choose the optimal volume level – otherwise the sound will overlap your voice.

What if nothing works?

Sometimes users wonder what to do if the music is hard to hear. Here are some guidelines to help you solve the problem:

  • make sure you select the correct volume level;
  • check that the audio broadcast is activated in the application settings;
  • try restarting the conference (as a last resort).

Thus, you can be in Zuma by playing some nice melody in the background. All this allows you to do the standard functionality of the service.


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