How to teach lessons in Zoom

With the growing demand for online training, teachers have many questions – what the Zoom platform is capable of, how to teach lessons, how to launch a conference, and what settings to pay attention to. Below we will consider these points in more detail.

How to get started with the Zoom platform

For convenience, we will consider how to hold a conference in Zuma and organize it in the form of teaching schoolchildren or students.

The algorithm of actions is as follows:

Download Zoom for Windows

Download for Mac

Download Zoom for Linux

Download Zoom for Android

Download for Iphone

  • Register with the Zoom platform. Alternatively, log into your profile using your Google or Facebook inbox.



  • Set up a conference. Configure the correct settings before teaching lessons on the Zoom platform. To do this, click on the gear in the upper right. There, go to the Video section and make sure you have a high-quality picture. In the next step, go to the Sound section, where select the speaker and microphone, and then check their work.


As soon as the preparatory work is completed, you can begin the lesson, and what you need for this we will tell you further.

Adding participants

To teach lessons on the Zoom platform, participants must be added to the conference. Several options are available here:

  • Via the Contacts menu. Enter it, and in the menu that opens, click on the Add participant button, and then enter the person’s email address. Alternatively, find the desired user in the list of contacts and click on the avatar.


  • Via invitation or link. Alternatively, go to the Conference section (if scheduled) and click on the Copy invitation button. Then send it to the students. If you have already created a Zoom meeting, go to the Participants section and then Copy the URL / invitation and then send it to users.


  • By managing participants. If you have started teaching a lesson, click on the Participants link (at the bottom of the screen), and then on the Invite button. There will be several options – an invitation by email or through a contact list.

You can then teach on the Zoom platform with the confidence that your students will hear you. Before connecting, it is advisable to hold a test conference and see how the image looks like, is there sound, etc.

Useful tips for the Zoom platform

Before teaching Zoom lessons to your students, there are a few tips regarding application settings. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  1. Check the camera and speakers in the settings right away. This has already been mentioned above.
  2. To help the children hear you better, try to teach the lesson using a headset with headphones and a microphone.
  3. Set all participants to Mute for the time you speak. In this case, you can protect against noise. When discussing a topic, this mode can be turned off.
  4. Use a virtual background to close the privacy of your students.

Knowing these features, you can make the most of the Zoom platform and teach lessons with different audiences. At the same time, remember about the limitation on the number of participants (up to 100) and time (up to 40 minutes).


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