How to test Zoom

Experts say that one of the very useful Zoom options is a test conference, which allows you to prepare the equipment and check its operation before starting a conversation. Immediately, we note that you can start a test web conference using the client, the web version, or a mobile phone. Let’s consider each of the methods in more detail.

Through the app

The easiest way to make a Zoom test is to start a test conference through the installed client. Take the following steps:


  • In the pop-up window, click the Open Zoom Meeting Application button.


  • See how the video of the conference will look like.


  • Give an answer to the question Do you hear the ringtone. If so, click on the Yes link. If there is no sound, select another audio source from the list.


  • Check microphone operation and monitor output level. If the device does not work, select the appropriate device from the list. After checking, click Yes.


  • At the end, the system will display a message about the correct operation of the equipment – you can start!


To start a test conference Zoom, check that the specified hardware is correct and click Sign in using computer sound.

At this point, you can make a Zoom test call.

Mobile device

If you are using a mobile device only, you can use the Zoom app to start a test meeting. However, if you are an organizer, we recommend holding the conference from a computer – there is wider and more convenient control, the laptop is on the table, which means the camera is fixed, so the participants will be much more comfortable communicating with you.
But if you still decide to use the phone, do the following:

  • We go again
  • Click on the Login button and enter your username and password.
  • Wait for the Open with window to appear.


  • Select the Zoom program and wait for it to load.
  • There are no such verification steps as on a PC, so just go through the settings, make sure that the video is displayed correctly and the sound of the voice is correct.


If the test check has shown the correctness of all functions, you can proceed to the organization of a regular broadcast.

The importance of a test conference at Zoom cannot be overemphasized. With its help, it is easy to check audio and video, check the performance of the microphone and look at yourself in the application window. This step will save time on making adjustments to the settings after connecting the program and immediately start classes.


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