How to turn off the camera in Zoom

How do I turn off the camera in Zoom on my phone or computer? This question is often asked by novice users of the service who first encountered the functionality of the application. Indeed, immediately after the transition to the conference, the webcam and even the microphone are activated. To get rid of extraneous sounds and not broadcast the image, you just need to disable the necessary option. All it takes is a standard program and a little attention.

How to disable the camera on the phone and PC in Zoom

And first, let’s find out how to disable the camera in Zoom on a computer or phone. And the whole point is that the interface of the mobile application and the program on the PC is almost the same. Therefore, you can safely use the following step-by-step guide:

  1. If you are already in a conference, then click on the video camera icon located in the bottom panel. There is also an inscription “Disable video”. It remains to confirm the action, and the image will not be broadcast.
  2. And if you are just going to join the conversation in Zoom, then check the box next to “Turn off my video” in advance. As a result, you will be connected to the conference without having to deactivate the necessary options.

As it turned out, this instruction can be used both on a laptop and on a smartphone.

How to turn off the camera sound

As for the mute, here things are as follows:

  1. In a conference, you need to click on the microphone icon located in the bottom panel. If it becomes crossed out, it means that you have successfully interrupted the audio broadcast.
  2. You can also apply the necessary setting before starting the conversation. To do this, just put a tick in the “Do not connect sound” item. Which option to use is up to you.

This setting will prevent other conference participants from hearing you.

How to remove video from conference viewers

How to turn off the viewer’s camera in Zoom? According to the rules of the service, this can only be done by the creator of the conversation, that is, the administrator. If you are one, then go to the desired member, and then click on the camera icon next to his profile. A similar action can be performed with a microphone if a person interferes with the meeting.

So, we figured out how to turn off the sound and camera in Zoom on your phone or computer. It is advisable to use this setting if you do not want to show your face or disturb other participants with extraneous sounds from the microphone!


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