How to turn the board into Zoom

Many users cannot figure out how to write on the board in Zoom, and what to do to control the option. Below are detailed instructions on how to turn on and use a useful tool, and also consider how to turn it off.

How to turn on

First, let’s figure out how to enable the board in Zoom and thereby expand the capabilities of the messenger. To do this, take the following steps:

  • Enter the program and log in.
  • Click on the link New conference.


  • Click on the Screen Sharing button below.


  • From the list, select Message Board.


After that, a white surface appears on which you can write and thus make learning more understandable. This moves the main panel to the very top of the screen.


How to write on the chalkboard in Zoom

Now let’s figure out how to work with the interactive whiteboard Zoom, and what options are available to users. After entering the section, a special field appears with a toolbar at the top. The following buttons are available here:

  1. Select– allows you to set a specific area.
  2. Text– writing text information on a special Zoom area.
  3. Draw. When you click on the button, several types of shapes appear that you can leave on the field.
  4. Label. Allows you to make different types of marks in different parts of the sheet.
  5. Tracking. The tool is designed to focus the attention of Zoom listeners on a specific sequence.
  6. Eraser. Helps to erase information. You can write and delete previously written labels.
  7. Form. Choice of shape, color, line width.
  8. Undo and redo. Actions that allow you to delete or duplicate what you have written.
  9. Clear. By pressing the button, you can remove all the labels (your own or observers).
  10. Save. Allows you to save information on a sheet in Zoom.

As you can see, writing in Zoom is not difficult. The program provides many useful tools that allow you to manage your virtual whiteboard online.


How to close

If you have finished writing and decided to return to the usual conference mode, click the Stop Demo button above. After that, you will continue to chat as usual.


The Zoom virtual board is a useful option that allows you to better convey some material that cannot be explained “on the fingers”. It can be used to write, make different shapes, delete information, focus on a sequence, etc. As soon as the tool is no longer needed, you can turn it off at any time and go to the standard conference mode.


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