Is it possible to sit in Zoom without a camera

Do Zoom need a webcam? As you know, the service is primarily positioned as a platform for video conferencing, so this question is quite logical. But in the overwhelming majority of cases, you can do without broadcasting the image, while remaining an active participant in the negotiations. Let’s figure out all the nuances, and also find out what the administration of the Zoom system thinks about this.

Do you need a camera and microphone for conferences?

Is it possible to do without a camera in Zoom? Yes, while remaining a full-fledged participant in the conversation, only with some restrictions. You can use chat, through which it is possible to send text messages. All users in the conference will see them. The only thing is that you will never be able to show some real thing that is next to you.

Okay, is a microphone needed for Zoom? In theory, no, but in practice it certainly wouldn’t hurt. And the thing is that Zoom without a microphone is just an ordinary messenger. Yes, you will see other participants and hear their voices, but you can only interact with them through text chat.

How to use Zoom without a camera or microphone

If you have joined Zoom negotiations in order to listen and receive valuable information, then you do not need additional accessories at all. And if you want to ask a question in the chat, then raise your hand (to do this, click on the icon located in the menu with additional options). Also, no one prohibits starting the broadcast of the image from the display, using the so-called “Screen Sharing”“.

Thus, it will be comfortable to use the service without any additional components. And if you are interested in how to check a camera in Zoom without a conference, then we suggest running a regular application available on any computer with Windows 10 and below. It’s in the start menu.


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