Pin video to Zoom

How do I pin another conference participant’s screen in Zoom? It is useful to use this option if a certain user tells important things or broadcasts an image from his computer screen. Then all people in the conversation will be able to comfortably listen and see the necessary data. Well, let’s figure out what it means to pin video and how the mode works.

How to pin video on phone and computer in Zoom

So, it’s time to figure out how to pin videos in Zoom on your phone and PC. To simplify the understanding of the essence, a step-by-step instruction was compiled, which you can familiarize yourself with a little below:

  1. On the computer, move the mouse cursor over the required participant. Who does not know, then all users are displayed in the top panel of the conference.
  2. To interact with a person, click on the three points located in the corner of the screen, and then select “Pin video”.
  3. We confirm the action and on the main page of the conversation we see the necessary window.

By the way, to unpin the broadcast, you need to click on the button of the same name, marked with a special icon.
As for smartphones, the procedure is almost the same:

  1. Swipe your finger across the screen to display a list with all participants.
  2. We double-click on the desired person, and then we confirm our intention.

As a result, the window will be displayed for all people on the display. You can remove it in the same way. The only thing you need to understand is that the broadcast from your camera will not be visible to users while the selected option is activated.


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