Skype vs Zoom comparison

Many users cannot decide when choosing between Skype or Zoom – which is better, and which program to give preference to. Below we will compare the two applications, highlight the pros and cons, and then draw a conclusion.


Skype has been in the TOP-5 of the best video communication services for more than 15 years. With its help, you can correspond, make regular calls to other users, organize competition and solve other problems. When comparing Zoom and Skype, many say that the latter is better, because it is completely free (if you communicate with other software users). Only here you will have to pay for calls to landline phones.

Features :

  1. Users are freelancers, business representatives.
  2. Technical support – online, telephone.
  3. Functions – audio and video calls, scheduling, conference communication, recording, screen display. There is a chat for communication, there is the ability to exchange files and a number of advanced options – VoIP number, automated assistant and music on hold.
  4. User requirements – have a Skype account or a Microsoft account.
  5. The number of participants in the conference is up to 50 people.

Skype is better than Zoom if you often communicate with the same users and use the program for private use. At the same time, comparing Zoom VS Skype (which is better), you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses.
Pros :

  • the popularity of the service and the confidence that the other person has an account;
  • availability on PCs and phones with different OS;
  • the ability to quickly exchange files;
  • inexpensive fixed number;
  • sending messages and making regular calls;
  • high degree of security;
  • group chat availability.

Cons :

  • many bugs on all platforms;
  • heavily loads the computer’s RAM;
  • limited version for Linux;
  • high risk of being overheard;
  • poor sound in a conference with more than five people;
  • poor video quality.


Recently, the Zoom program has been increasingly used instead of Skype. It is a specialized tool for creating video conferencing and online meetings. It can be used to schedule broadcasts in advance, send invitations and hold meetings at the scheduled time.

Features :

  • Users – business representatives, teachers, pupils, students, teachers, etc.
  • The main difference between Zoom and Skype is the presence of paid plans. In the free version, the number of conference participants is limited to a hundred people, and the communication time is up to 40 minutes.
  • Technical support – feedback.
  • Functions – conducting joint webinars, virtual rooms, group chats, working with Dropbox and Google Drive, screen sharing, etc.
  • Requirements for users. To create a conference, you need to download the software and register. Connection to the broadcast is available without an account and without downloading software (via a browser).
  • The number of participants (in the free version) is up to 100.

Zoom is perceived as analogous to Skype, but in many ways it is better than the competitor. Such software is often used to create video conferencing and invite other people who do not have registration.


Pros :

  • more stable platform operation;
  • a complete set of tools in the hands of the organizer;
  • good speed of the program;
  • the ability to leave notes;



  • pause conference;
  • the presence of an interactive whiteboard;
  • function of a virtual or blurred background;
  • the ability to schedule meetings;
  • you can enter the conference without registering in the application.
  • the ability to set a password and protect the event from unauthorized entry.

Cons of Zoom:

  • lack of services for text communication, as in Skype;
  • there is no way to call landline phones;
  • an increase in disruptions to work due to a constant increase in load;
  • possible hacker attacks.


With that said, we can conclude how Zoom differs from Skype. Zoom is more focused on video conferencing, and Skype is more focused on communication and calls (including landline numbers). Before making the final choice, understand the features of each software, and what is the difference between them, and most importantly, decide what you need the application for. After that, it’s easier to conclude which is better. In our opinion Zoom is a great and fairly simple application, more focused on solving business problems and learning. But if you need to call your grandmother in Canada, then of course it’s easier to use Skype.

To be fair, it should also be noted that the average user rating according to Play Market data is still higher for the good old Skype – 4.3 than for Zoom 3.9. Perhaps because this is a more familiar tool for us, and Zoom gained popularity not very long ago and many simply did not figure it out.


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