Transfer mouse and keyboard control to Zoom

During a conference, when sharing a screen, the question may arise, how in Zoom to transfer control of the mouse or keyboard to other participants. This option is convenient, because it allows another user to quickly navigate the situation, ask a question of interest, or show which moment is not clear.

How to transfer remote control to Zoom

Knowing how to transfer control of the mouse and keyboard to Zoom, it is easier for the teacher to establish the educational process and manage the students. For example, the latter, after receiving new powers, can enter the missing words themselves, correct mistakes, supplement the scheme and solve other problems.

Before transferring keyboard or mouse use, check if this option is enabled in Zoom. Take the following steps:

  • Log in tous.
  • Click on the My Account button (log in if necessary).
  • Enter the Settings section.



If enabled in settings, it can be used while streaming. To transfer mouse control to Zoom during a meeting, follow these steps:

  • Enter the program.
  • Create a new or start a scheduled conference.
  • Click on the Screen Sharing button and select one of the available options, for example, Message Board.


  • At the top, find the Remote Control button. Remember that this item is missing if only the host is in the conference. The button appears immediately after another person connects to the Zoom broadcast and at the same time uses a computer, not a phone.
  • Enable the mouse / keyboard control transfer option.
  • Select the person to whom control of the monitor screen is transferred.


From this point on, the user can control your PC. At the same time, the organizer’s mouse and keyboard remain active, therefore, if necessary, you can adjust the user’s actions.

If you want to disable sharing of the mouse and keyboard, click the Stop sharing button. In this case, the work in the conference returns to the usual mode.

Problems and solutions

There are situations when, for some reason, control of the screen is not transferred to the participant. In this case, make sure that the option is enabled in the settings (it was mentioned above) and another person has already been added to your conference. Otherwise, there should be no difficulties with this option.

Knowing how to transfer mouse control in Zoom can significantly expand the learning opportunities and delegate authority to the listeners at any time. At the same time, the organizer himself retains control capabilities, which allows him to adjust the user’s actions and, if necessary, disable the remote mode.


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