Video does not work in Zoom, what should I do?

The problem of why video does not work in Zoom, many users discover too late when it is necessary to connect to the conference. You should first take care of the issue of stable operation of the camera on the computer.

What to do if the video doesn’t work

Video does not work in Zoom for several reasons, which may consist in the incorrect operation of the computer or the client itself. These include:

  1. Incompatibility of Zoom with other applications or OS.
  2. Lock Windows 10.
  3. Outdated version of the program.
  4. Camera is unstable.

Compatible with OS and other applications

If video does not work in Zoom, you need to first check if other applications that use the device to transfer images are turned on. They need to be closed, and then restart the computer.

Also, the problem may lie in the incompatibility of this version of the OS and the client. You can set up compatibility in this way:

  1. Open Zoom “Properties” by right-clicking on it and go to the “Compatibility” tab.
  2. First, enable the Compatibility Troubleshooter. This utility often detects nothing, so you can use the second option. On the same page, mark “Run the program in the mode …” and select an OS other than the installed one.


System permissions

The problem, why the video from the camera is not displayed, may lie in the privacy settings. To check this, you need:

  1. Open options via the Start menu. Go to the “Confidentiality” section. Select “Camera” under “Application Permissions”.
  2. On the page that opens, in the “Classic Applications” item, there is a video conferencing program. Access for classic programs and separately for the client must be allowed.


Application version

The error, if the video is not included in Zoom, may be in the version of the program. You should go to the official site, in the “Download Center”, and see the latest version number. If the program has not been updated for a long time, then you need to remove the old client and download the new version.


The reason why the video device does not work may be due to outdated drivers. This problem can occur on both laptop and PC. To remedy the situation, you should install the latest drivers from the official website of the camera or laptop manufacturer.

If he does not show the video of the conference in the Zoom of another person, then he may have the same problems, or he simply did not turn on his camera.

How to avoid the problem

To avoid the error when video is not working, you should check the privacy settings after each Windows update and the video device settings in the application itself before starting the conference. Such failures often occur after system and client updates are released.

The problem why the video device does not work may lie in the unstable operation of the computer or client. Sometimes it is necessary to reboot the device or add Zoom to the list of programs that have access to the camera. And sometimes you need to update the webcam driver or replace it altogether.


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