We fix error 3078 in Zoom in Crimea

Residents of certain regions are experiencing an issue when Zoom issues error code 3078. You need to understand what this problem means, what is the cause, and if there is a way to fix it.

Why is Zoom giving error code 3078

Video conferencing software that works internationally. However, there are several countries and regions where the application issues this problem code. These include:

  • Republic of Crimea;
  • North Korea;
  • Republic of Cuba;
  • Iran;
  • Syria;
  • Sudan;

If the user is in one of these areas, then the Zoom necessarily displays the error code 3078. This can happen when registering, trying to enter the PC or conference.

Error 3078 in Zoom in Crimea is a consequence of sanctions. The population of the peninsula and the countries listed on the list do not have access to the video conferencing functions for regulatory reasons.

How to troubleshoot the problem when the Zoom issues code 3078

Despite the ban, many users living in the listed regions use the application with success for everyday and educational purposes. The only exceptions are residents of the UAE, where it is not Zoom that blocks access, but local Internet providers.

The answer to the question of how to fix error code 3078 in Zoom is quite simple. You need to connect to a VPN. When using the browser version of the program, connecting to a virtual network is carried out in several steps:

  1. Open your browser extension store. You can get into it in two ways: by opening the list of installed utilities, where the link to the store will be located, or by using the browser search.
  2. Find a suitable VPN in the store. There are both paid and free extensions with different countries.
  3. Select the VPN you like, open its page, click “Install”. After the download is complete, the application icon will appear to the right of the address bar. You need to click on it, select a country and connect.

If the program also gives error code 3078, you should change the country or virtual network.
There is no need to download the virtual connection program in the Opera browser. It has a built-in VPN that has Asia, America, Europe and the best location available.

The error “Error: code 3078”, which is issued by the desktop version of the application, is also resolved by using a VPN. Unlike browser extensions, free software for your computer is hard to find. However, most paid virtual servers provide a trial period. Some of the most popular programs:

  • Nord VPN;
  • Open VPN;
  • me;
  • Hotspot Shield;
  • Tunnel Bear;
  • Cyber ​​Ghost.

You can use the virtual connection application as follows:

  1. Go to the website of the appropriate program and download the installer. Wait until the end of the download and click on the file.
  2. Install the application, open. Select the desired country and connect.

If there is error 3078 in Zoom, it means that the user is in a region that is blocked on the program’s servers. The problem can be easily resolved by using a virtual Internet connection.


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