What to do if 502 bad gateway in Zoom

One of the common situations that users face is the appearance of the Error 502 Bad Gateway Zoom Us message. The problem may occur when trying to access the site or perform other actions involving the Zoom server. Below we will consider what are the reasons for the appearance of such an inscription, and how to fix the situation.


Literal translation of Error 502 Bad Gateway – “bad gateway”, which indicates a loss of communication between servers. As a result, opening the site or connecting to the main database becomes impossible. The appearance of Error 502 Bad Gateway Zoom Us indicates that the origin server sent an incorrect response to the second member server acting as a proxy or gateway.

The difficulty is that requests from the PC are sent through many “intermediaries”, so it is difficult to determine the true “culprit” where the problems have arisen. But there are a number of steps you can take to remedy the situation.

What to do

Understanding the question of what the 502 Bad Gateway error means in Zoom Us allows you to make further decisions correctly. Take the following steps:

  • Restart your computer and reconnect to the Internet. It happens that error 502 in Zoom appears due to internal failures on the PC. Restarting the device and reconnecting to the Network allows you to solve the difficulties encountered.
  • Refresh the page . If you have a problem entering the Zoom Us site, wait a few minutes and then refresh the page.
  • Clear the cache on your PC . One of the ways to get rid of Error 502 Bad Gateway in Zoom is to clear the cache. This can be done in the browser and directly on the PC. In the first case, you need to enter the settings section, and then – “Clear history”. Check the boxes as follows:

In the case of a computer, call the command line (by pressing simultaneously Ctrl + R, and typing “cmd” in the window that appears) and enter ipconfig / flushdns in it, and then press Enter. After completing these steps, restart your PC or laptop.

  • Try connecting on a different device . If the Error 502 Bad Gateway error for Zoom Us appears on a specific PC or laptop, try logging in from a different device. If this was done, then the problem is in the hardware. In a situation where you still cannot connect, the problem may be in the Zoom server or the Internet.
  • Sign in with a different browser . If an Error occurs on the Zoom Us site, access it using another web browser. Perhaps the reason is hidden in him.
  • Check the error log . To do this, go to Start, find the Event Viewer item and open the log. Perhaps Error 502 Bad Gateway Zoom Us appeared after updating or installing some program. In this case, you can return to work by rolling back Windows to a workable version.
  • Check your internet access . Sometimes the failure in question arises from the inability to connect to the Network. To solve the problem, you can contact your operator and clarify what caused the failures. Try to provide as much information as possible so that specialists can give accurate recommendations on what to do.

If the above steps did not help, and the Error 502 Bad Gateway Zoom Us message still appears, write in support of Zoom, this can be done on the official website. Perhaps the fault is due to temporary failures on their side. The request processing speed will depend on your tariff plan.

Appeals, like I can’t log into Zoom due to error 502, often appear on the Internet. But this is not a cause for panic. In most cases, the problem can be solved by a simple reboot or simply by waiting for the situation on the server to return to normal.


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