What to do if your Zoom account is locked

In Zoom, both the account owner and the conference participant can be blocked. It is worth figuring out what you can get banned for and how to unblock your Zoom account.

Conference participant

How to block a Zoom participant should be known to every conference organizer. Often hacks occur in this application, due to which classes are disrupted and information is stolen. Also, the creator of the lesson has the right to ban any guilty listener.

How to block a person during a conference

  1. Open the “Participants” section located in the overlay at the bottom of the window. Click on the nickname of the person you need and click “Delete”.
  2. The student will be dropped from the current conference and will not be able to join again unless the host has configured a reconnection. If the former member tries to sign in again, they will see a message stating that the feature has been blocked by the Zoom administrator.



If the Terms of Service are not followed, the service blocks its users. Administrators may find incorrect data specified during registration, or flaws in behavior. Other users can also complain to them.

If an account is blocked at this level, it cannot be unblocked. Company employees carefully monitor compliance with the rules. The only thing that can be done is to refund the money if the account was subscribed.

How to unblock an account

Don’t worry about what to do if your Zuma account is blocked due to a large number of incorrect password options. This lock is temporary: when the rollback ends, the user can try to log in again. In order not to re-ban the account with your own hands, it is better to request a password reset.

The host of the live stream can manage and block other users. You can unblock your account only if you enter your login information incorrectly. If the user has violated the terms of use of the service, he will be banned forever.


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