Why can’t you see me in zoom

Why can’t you see me in Zoom?

The problem, why I can’t be seen in Zoom, arises from many program users. To fix this problem, you will have to dig into the video settings of the application.

Camera setup

To avoid an error, I am not seen in the Zoom conference, you need to take care of including the image in advance. You need to log into your account through the desktop version of the client, click on the user’s avatar in the upper right corner and go to “Settings”. In the Video options, you can not only connect a camera, but also change the format and set up filters.

It’s much easier on the phone. You need to open the app, go to Settings, Conference and select Always include my video. This means that every time you enter a conference, the image will be connected without warning.

Even if the user has not previously configured the parameters, after entering the conference, he can click on the red camera icon at the bottom of the screen to turn it on.

Causes and elimination of the error

If turning on the image does not help to get rid of the problem, in the Zoom conference I cannot be seen, then you should look into the resolutions of the video device. On the computer, you need to open “Settings” through “Start”, go to the “Privacy” section. Open camera permissions and grant Zoom access by switching the toggle switch to working state.


On the smartphone, you need to open the general parameters, “All applications” and find the program in the list. Open her permissions and grant access to the camera.

The problem why you can see me in Zoom may arise from the conference organizer. He needs to go to the “Participants” section located in the overlay at the bottom of the screen. If there is a red crossed-out camera icon next to the username, you must click on it and select “Ask to turn on video” from the list.

After that, a notification will appear on the participant’s screen about the request to turn on the video. You should click on “Enable the display of my video”.

If an error occurs, I am not visible in Zoom, you need to configure the video in the application settings. It’s also worth checking if the program has access to the video device in device permissions.


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