Why is there no sound in Zoom?

One of the common Zoom problems is no audio in the conference. In such a situation, a number of questions arise, what can cause such a problem, what to do in the first place, and how to return the audio to work.

TOP 10 user mistakes

For clarity, let’s consider 10 mistakes that users make when setting up, and, in combination, the reasons for failures.

Here they are:

  • Sound devices are disabled. A common reason why the sound on the computer is not working in Zoom is disconnected or faulty speakers. To confirm or deny this version, check the equipment before the conference starts. To do this, you can go to YouTube or turn on music in any of the applications. If the speakers are working, then the problem is different.
  • After entering the conference, you did not enable the audio button. If you cannot hear the interlocutor in Zoom, click on the above button (join audio). In the future, you can set it to turn on automatically at the next connection.


  • Incorrect sound settings. A common explanation why there is no sound in a Zoom conference is errors in the setup section. To check this version, click on the arrow next to the conference entry button.In the window that appears, enter the sound settings. Make sure the correct device is set in the dynamic line. If it is not, click on the arrow on the right side and set the correct hardware. After that, test it by clicking the button on the left side. If you heard the sound, then everything in the conference should also work.


  • Crashes in the program. One of the reasons why there is no sound in a Zoom conference is problems in the application itself. To fix the situation, reinstall the program from scratch. To do this, go to the Control Panel in the Add / Remove Programs section. Now find Zoom and delete it. After that, download the software from the official website, install the program from scratch, connect to the conference and check for audio. If not, proceed to the next check.


  • Required permissions not set. Another explanation why there is no sound in the phone in Zuma is the lack of necessary permissions in the program. During installation, the software asks for access to a microphone, camera, photo, multimedia and other equipment. All requests must be accepted.


If not already, go to phone settings – app permissions and activate the microphone.


  • You have muted pre-entry audio. Users often complain that Zoom has no sound on Android and ask what to do. A common cause is to move the audio mute toggle switch to the right. If this is done then enable audio in basic settings.
  • Low volume. A banal, but common situation when the interlocutor is not heard due to the minimum volume setting. Adjust this setting on the side phone key or rocker switch to the desired level.
  • Automatic audio connection is disabled. One of the reasons why there is no audio in Zoom is automatic connection is disabled. This problem affects both PC and phone. To make changes, enter the settings and check the required box.
  • Incorrect microphone setting. Sometimes the other person cannot hear you in a Zoom meeting due to incorrect settings. Enter the settings, and then into the Sound category. Go to the Microphone section and set the required equipment.


  • Other circumstances. Audio difficulties in a Zoom conference can be caused by other aspects, such as negative effects of viruses or problems with the Internet.

Thus, before asking the support service why I cannot be heard in Zoom, or what is the reason for the lack of sound, pay attention to the recommendations above. And most importantly, in order to avoid incidents at the time of the conference that has already begun, check the microphone and speakers before the event. The program offers to do this automatically:


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