Zoom app alternatives and analogues

Questions often appear on the Web, which Zoom analogs can be used for online conferences and other similar tasks. Let’s consider several main options, let’s briefly talk about their features, advantages and disadvantages.

Google hangouts

A popular alternative to Zoom is Google Hangouts. Works on the web, Android OS and OS and Chrome, allows you to connect up to 250 participants. Has screen sharing and file transfer options. The audience volume for a live broadcast can reach 100,000 people. The paid version has the ability to record. A free conference is available for up to 10 people.

Pros of analog Zoom:

  • linking to Gmail and calendars, which is convenient for scheduling a meeting;
  • convenience of group video calls from Slack;
  • no additional activations and registrations are required if you have a Google account;
  • no problem syncing call and chat history.

Cons :

  • poor quality with unstable communication;
  • free version support for up to 10 participants;
  • it is planned to close the service in the near future and switch to other programs – Hangouts Chats and Hangout Meet.


The Discord program is a well-known analogue of Zoom for conferences, a comparison with which can be found on many sites. Works on many PC and phone OS. In the free version, the maximum number of users is not more than 10. Files can be transferred up to 100 MB in size, there is an option for screen sharing and general chat. Video quality in the free version is 720p (30 frames per second). The paid version of Discord costs $ 4.99 or $ 9.99 per month.


  • requires a minimum of equipment resources;
  • has many customizations;
  • activation and deactivation of the microphone by pressing is allowed.


  • many restrictions in the free version, including video quality and number of participants.


Considering programs that are analogues of Zoom, one should not forget about Skype. It is one of the first apps to offer many of the chat and video functions for free. The software is supported by almost all operating systems and allows more than 50 participants to participate in the conference. There is a general chat, screen sharing, file transfer option. The video quality in this analog Zoom is up to 720 rubles. There is a recording option, background blur and automatic subtitles.

Pros :

  • making calls to mobile and landline numbers (for money);
  • support for almost all operating systems;
  • the main set of functions is free.

Cons :

  • poor quality for large conferences;
  • there is no continuous communication for more than four hours;
  • periodic communication problems.


TrueConf is the Russian analogue of Zoom, which is gaining popularity in the Russian Federation. The software works on the basis of a software server for interaction within the enterprise, does not require an Internet connection. The software is compatible with Skype, provides integration with CCTV systems, the ability to use in meeting rooms, etc. The number of conference participants is up to 20.

Benefits :

  • work in a closed network without an Internet connection;
  • chat to exchange messages and files;
  • recording option;
  • 24/7 support;
  • 4K video;
  • support for all popular platforms.

Disadvantages :

  • limited functionality;
  • imprisonment for communication outside the Internet.

In addition to those discussed above, there are other Zoom analogues, for example, Microsoft Teams, Cisco Webex Meetings, Adobe Connect, and others. All of them have peculiarities, therefore, when choosing, you need to be careful, take into account the features and characteristics of the software.


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