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One of the most important questions of Zoom is the tariffs, with the study of which you need to start working with the application. As of this writing, the company offers four plans: one free and three paid. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Basic (free)

Today, many are interested in how much the training platform Zoom costs. It’s free for novice users, but with limited features. This option is available in the Basic tariff. Its features:

  • number of people – up to 100;
  • time limit – up to 40 minutes;
  • there is no time limit during a private conference;
  • the number of conferences is not limited;
  • support service works, etc.

The free version of Zoom is in the highest demand as it lets you chat without paying. At the same time, users have access to the basic functions of teamwork, web conferencing and video conferencing. Safety is also at a high level.



The cost of a Zoom conference in the tariff is $ 14.99 per month. It is allowed to use the plan by several organizers (up to nine). All basic functions are collected here, but there are a number of privileges for users:

  • the number of participants up to 100 with the possibility of increasing for an additional fee;
  • videoconference duration – up to a day;
  • user management;
  • reporting;
  • admin control options;
  • the appointment of the scheduler;
  • Skype compatibility and more.

This Zoom rate is suitable for small groups.



A convenient tariff plan for business is called “Business”. You have to pay $ 19.99 per month for it. Unlike the free tariff and the one discussed above, there are a number of advantages here:

  • number of participants – up to 300:
  • separate support phone;
  • custom URL link;
  • administrator password;
  • managed domains;
  • branding;
  • single sign-on system (CEB);
  • individual email;
  • decryption of cloud records;
  • LTI compatibility and more.

Such a Zoom tariff is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized businesses.



This tariff plan has the same price as the offer discussed above. The number of organizers can be up to 100. Unlike the Business Zoom plan, this offer requires additional verification by the sales department. Together with a professional package of options, the buyer receives a number of privileges;

  • number of participants – up to 500 or up to 1000;
  • personal customer relations specialist;
  • overview of administrative requests;
  • wholesale discounts for seminars and more.

This option is only suitable for large companies.


Additional solutions

The features discussed above answer the question about Zoom – is it a paid or free program. In addition to it, users can count on a number of interesting options:

  • Zoom Phone. For $ 10 or more, customers can enjoy the full functionality of the app for voice, video, conferencing, and messaging.


  • Zoom Rooms– $ 49 per month. Its features are improved video quality, integration with Google calendar, screen sharing via Wi-Fi and other options.


  • Room Connector. Cloud service, workstation interaction and other features are available for $ 49 per month.


Also available are video webinars (from $ 40 for organizers), an audio plan (from $ 100 per month), additional cloud storage ($ 40 per GB / mo), and more.

Now you know how you can use Zoom for free or paid. The available rates are designed for different categories of users and fully cover their requests. It remains to decide on the appropriate option. Before connecting, it is worth considering how many people can communicate for free, and what restrictions are provided for users.


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