Zoom conference password: put, remove

Users of the popular program often ask what a Zoom conference password is, where to get it, whether it can be removed or canceled. Below we will consider each of the issues separately.

What is it

One of the main tasks of users when conducting webinars is confidentiality and protection from hacking. It is for these purposes that the program developers recommend setting a password to the Zoom conference and, if possible, making it more reliable.

In simple words, a password for a Zoom web meeting is a set of characters that allows specific people (those who have this information) to connect to the broadcast. For the rest, the entrance is closed. If a person wants to get into a webinar, he must take the code from the administrator.


The secret key is set by the creator of the Zoom web conference and communicates the information to other participants. The recipient of the invitation clicks on the Login button and writes the code if the program asks to enter it. You won’t be able to enter the video conference without the code.

Where to get

The next issue to consider is how to find the password for a Zoom meeting. Prospective participants receive this information from the administrators (creators) of the webinar by mail, in the application, through social networks or otherwise.

As for the creator, he can take the Zoom security key from the following locations:

  • If the webcast is just scheduled, log in and go to the Conferences section.


  • There, when you click on the required webinar, click on the “Show conference invitation” button. At the very end of the text there will be the necessary information.


  • In case the web conference is already in progress, click on the letter “i” in the left corner.


  • Information can be taken from the above text.



The ID and password required by the system are contained in the invitation. All that is required is to form it and send it to other participants.

How to replace

If the broadcast has already been created, you will not be able to change the password in the free plan. To do this, you need to re-create the web conference. If you have a paid tariff plan, you can go to the conference section, find the required broadcast and click on Change to the right of the Copy invitation button.

How to remove

There are situations when the administrator wants to open access to the broadcast from all users. The question is how to remove the password from the Zoom meeting. To do this in the free version, as in the case of the replacement, will not work. The fastest way is to create a new broadcast and immediately disable the need to enter codes.

Examples of

Many people can’t think of a strong password for Zoom and ask for an example. As a rule, this is not necessary, because the program itself comes up with the key. It should be taken as a basis, and for reliability, add numbers or special characters. Here are some examples:

  • Med777vedev;
  • 12 @ ytsu @;
  • q1w2e3r4t5;
  • zd45gy23OP;
  • C456V4ju @ # a etc.

You can also use password generators. Such a function, for example, is in the Keepass program. Password requirements can be set:


The program will give you many options to choose from. By the way, it is also very convenient to store passwords in it – securely and reliably.


The main thing when creating a security key is to be original and not use standard character sets.


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