Zoom does not see the camera, what should I do?

One of the common glitches that app users may encounter is the Zoom camera not working. Below we will consider the causes of the malfunction and the features of its correction. We will also analyze the principles of enabling / disabling and configuring the device.


In practice, there are several reasons why the Zoom does not detect the camera. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  • the device is disabled;
  • incorrect equipment configuration;
  • crashes in the application;
  • negative effects of viruses;
  • “Extra” processes;
  • camera malfunction, etc.

In 9 out of 10 cases, problems are caused by incorrect settings or accidental shutdown of equipment. It is on these points that we will dwell in more detail.

Enabling, disabling and configuring the device

First, let’s figure out how to turn on the camera in Zoom on a laptop, because ignorance of these rules often leads to the fact that the device does not work. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Make sure the camera in your laptop or PC (portable) is turned on. To do this, go to the device manager, find the desired item and make sure that the webcam is active. If not, turn it on.


  • Log in to the app and register if you haven’t already.
  • Go to settings (gear symbol at the bottom left).
  • Configure the necessary settings – appearance, aspect ratio, dialog box display, etc.



Then enter the conference. Here, notice the camera symbol at the bottom left. If the icon is crossed out, then the webcam is not working. Click on the symbol to turn on the device.

If the question is how to turn off the camera in Zoom during the broadcast, just click the above symbol. The crossed out symbol indicates that the equipment is not working.

How to fix the problem

There are situations when you did everything correctly and turned on the device, but there is still no image. In such circumstances, take the following steps:


  • Make sure your devices have the latest updates. Sometimes Zoom cannot see the camera due to software mismatch.
  • Try to completely disable the webcam and enable it. To do this in Windows 10, right-click on My Computer, go to Properties, and then enter the Device Manager section. Find the webcam in the list, and then enable and disable it by right-clicking on the name. In the next step, check if it works in Zoom or not. You can also try to update the drivers (this is the next item in the menu when you right-click).


  • Run the system’s built-in diagnostics to find the cause of the problem. Sometimes Windows finds the cause and fixes the failure itself.
  • Check your PC for viruses. This can be done using any software with an updated database. The detected malware must be removed.
  • Try to remove processes that might interfere with Zoom. Sometimes the webcam does not work due to active Skype, Whatsapp, Facetime or other programs.
  • Make sure the Zoom camera is not in the way or obstructed by foreign objects.

If nothing has been done, and you have not figured out how to configure the hardware, contact support and consult with them. Detailed information on this issue can be found here support.zoom.us.


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