Zoom keyboard and button combination

One of the most useful features of Zoom is the keyboard shortcuts that only advanced users can use. The reason is that many people simply do not know these combinations, which is why they are forced to use standard buttons or links. Below we will consider which Zoom keyboard shortcuts are most in demand and provide instructions on how to set the combination yourself.

Zoom hotkeys

To use Zoom hotkeys, certain software is required. In particular, a device with Windows must have an application version 3.5.19869.0701 or higher. If on a PC or laptop with Mac OS, then version 3.5.19877.0701 or higher is required. For Linux OS, software with version 1.1.32904.1120 or higher is suitable, and for iPad – from 4.4.5 (55341.0715) or higher.

As for the Zoom hotkeys, let’s highlight the main combinations:

  • F6– move between pop-up windows Zoom;
  • Ctrl + Alt + Shift– Move focus to controls
  • PageUp, PageDown– viewing previous and next gallery video streams;
  • Alt– enable and disable the Always show toolbar … option in the settings;
  • Alt + V, A, C– start / stop video, mute / unmute, start / stop cloud recording;
  • Alt + F1, F2– switch to active speech mode / to watch video during a conference;
  • Alt + F– enter and exit full screen mode;
  • Alt + H, U– show or hide the chat panel / participant panel;
  • Alt + I– open the invitation window;
  • Alt + Y– raising and lowering the hand;
  • Alt + F4– close the current window;
  • Alt + P, N– pause and resume recording, switch cameras;
  • Alt + Shift + G– stop remote control;
  • Alt + Shift + T– take a screenshot;
  • Ctrl + W– close the current chat session;
  • Ctrl + Up, Ctrl + Down– go to the past and next chat, respectively;
  • Ctrl + T– go to chat;
  • Ctrl + F– search;
  • Ctrl + Tab– go to the next tab, etc.

A complete list of Zoom hotkeys can be found in the application itself in its PC version (Settings-Keyboard Shortcut).

Editing combinations

The Zoom keyboard shortcut can be edited if desired. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • enter the application on the PC;
  • click on the profile picture in Zoom;
  • go to the settings section;
  • enter the category Keyboard shortcut;
  • put up those hot combinations that you need;
  • to make changes, click on the line in the Keyboard shortcuts section and make the changes.

In this way, you can set those Zoom hotkeys that are convenient for you.

Zoom buttons

To expand on the topic, it is important to give an overview of the program menu buttons. Let’s highlight the main ones:

  1. New conference– create a new broadcast.
  2. Schedule– goes to the section where you can schedule a web conference.
  3. Enter– the button to enter the meeting in Zoom if there is an identifier.
  4. Screen sharing– go to the function of the same name.

Sometimes users complain about a situation when a button is not active. This situation is possible when the user has not been registered or the program malfunctions.

How to install a key

An equally important question is how to put any option on a button in Zoom. For example, consider the option with sound. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. Sign in to the app.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. Go to the Sound section.
  4. Activate the Press and hold Space… option (if disabled).
  5. After setting the desired combination, you can quickly activate the required option.
  6. Now you know which hotkeys exist in Zoom and how to change them if necessary. Other information is no less useful – why there is no button when entering the program, and what to do in such situations.


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