Zoom personal account how to enter

After registering in the program, you need to take another step in Zoom – enter your personal account to gain access to all available tools and settings. Below we will look at how to sign-in correctly, and what to do if it fails for any reason.

How to log into your Zoom account

Entering Zoom is an action aimed at entering the data specified during registration. Authorization is required to get all the features – creating or programming a web conference, connecting to an existing broadcast, entering settings, etc.

There are four ways to log in to Zoom in total. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • Using the email and password specified during registration. To authorize, launch the application on your phone or PC, and then fill in the fields provided.
  • Through SEB (single sign-on system). Here you need to know the company’s domain, password and other information for authorization in your personal account. This option is used for business representatives.
  • With the help of Google. The easiest way to log into the Web Zoom platform is to go with Google. After clicking on the button, the system offers a choice of one of the available accounts. The advantage is that there is no need to go through the standard registration procedure in your personal account.
  • Through Facebook. Another way to enter the program is to choose Facebook authorization. After clicking the corresponding button, click on the Continue as … link (your name should be displayed instead of three dots).

For authorization, you can enter the official Zoom us website, use the program on the computer or the application on the phone. In all cases, the procedure is the same.

I can’t log into my personal account Zoom: what to do

Many users wish, they say, I cannot enter Zoom on my page and, accordingly, create or connect to a conference. In such a situation, take the following steps:

  1. Check again that the Zoom login information is correct. One mistake in a letter or case is enough to prevent the service from letting the user in.
  2. If you forgot your password, click on the link of the same name in the key input field. Next, enter your email address and confirm that you are not a robot. In the next step, log into your mailbox and follow the link to change your password.
  3. Clean up excess cache from your computer or phone. This can be done using the built-in capabilities of the PC / smartphone or using a special program (CCleaner).
  4. Try disabling your firewall and anti-virus system temporarily. Perhaps their actions are preventing a normal entry. If after shutdown you managed to log into your Zoom personal account, then add the program to the list of exclusions.
  5. Try logging in from a different device. If you are unable to enter your personal account on your PC, log in using your smartphone.
  6. If all users have difficulty logging in, the server may be down. In this case, you need to wait, and if there is a long absence of communication, contact the support service.
  7. If there is no result, write to the feedback link zoom.us/feed. Here, specify the subject, device type and describe the problem in detail. Additionally, enter the mailbox where you go to receive a response from specialists. Support is available 24/7, so the response comes quickly.
  8. As you can see from the article, going online Zoom is a matter of a few minutes. If authorization in your personal account for some reason fails, use the recommendations in the article, and in extreme cases, contact support.


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