Zoom pro version is free – is it possible?

The professional version of Zoom is intended for those who actively conduct conferences on a popular service, and also do not want to face existing restrictions. For example, everyone knows that the basic tariff plan allows you to simultaneously organize meetings with only 40 participants, which in many cases is not enough. We propose to figure out what advantages a professional tariff gives in Zoom, how much it costs and how it is connected. Such information will be useful to any active users of the service.

Zoom Professional Edition – How is Free?

And the most affordable tariff plan in Zoom is considered “Professional”, because it can be connected for only $ 14.99 per month, which is much lower than the cost of other subscriptions. How does it differ from the basic version of the video conferencing service? We suggest you familiarize yourself with the main advantages of such a tariff in the list:

  • The number of conference users is 100 people. But this number can also be changed by activating a special option for an additional fee.
  • The duration of one meeting is up to 24 hours (in the basic version it was only 40 minutes).
  • The ability to record conversations in the cloud storage. The video created can be downloaded and viewed later.
  • Improved member management (for example, the ability to assign different roles).
  • Detailed reports.
  • Access to administrator capabilities.

As for the cost of the extended version of Zoom, it can be purchased for both $ 14.99 per month and $ 149.90 per year. As you can see, there are significant cash savings when purchasing an annual plan.

How do I upgrade to a professional plan?

Now it’s time to figure out how to upgrade to the Professional plan at Zoom. And this can be done both through the application on a smartphone or computer, and through the web version of the service. We suggest dwelling on the last option, since it is the most convenient:

    1. Go to the official Zoom page and log in to your account.
    2. Using the top field, go to the “Tariff plans and prices” tab.


    1. Choose the professional version and click on the “Buy now” button.


  1. On the page that opens, you can customize the subscription options in detail, for example, by increasing the number of organizers. You will also be able to select the payment currency (US dollars are set by default).
  2. Enter the bank card details and confirm the payment. You may need to use 3-D Secure to successfully write off funds.

Thus, we found out how the professional version of Zoom differs from the free one, as well as figured out how much the tariff costs and how to update it. If you still have additional questions, you can always ask them in the comments!


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