Zoom won’t launch or open

One of the errors that Zoom users have to face is the application does not launch when they try to sign in. There are also situations when it is impossible to enter the conference or the official website of the program. Below we will consider what such problems may be associated with, and what to do.

Zoom website does not start

To begin with, consider the situation when the Zoom website does not open, and when you try to enter the portal, an error constantly appears on the screen. To solve the problem, do the following:

  • Temporarily turn off your anti-virus software, and then try to reconnect to the conference. It often happens that Zoom us does not start due to the negative action of antivirus software. Do the same with the firewall.
  • Clear your browser cache. If the above step did not help, clean the browser from unnecessary “garbage” (Settings – Clear history) and refresh the page. To do this, you can use the built-in browser capabilities, built-in plugins or a special application.
  • Clear your cookies. As in the previous case, this can be done through a web explorer or additional software, for example, CCleaner.


  • Change the IP address of your computer. Most ISPs offer dynamic IP. If you cannot open the site, disconnect from the Internet and reconnect to it.


  • Clear the DNS cache on your PC and then check again if the Zoom website starts up or not.
  • Use alternative DNS or connect via VPN, for example, using the Opera browser with a built-in VPN.


  • Try disabling add-ons in your web browser. Sometimes the resource won’t load due to AdBlock action or other extensions. Try to remove them one by one.

The above steps should help in resolving the issue of unable to login to Zoom Us portal.

The conference does not start

Sometimes it happens when the Zoom conference does not start. To solve the problem, take the following steps:

  1. Reload the program.
  2. Check if the drivers are installed on the video card and sound, update the software.
  3. Temporarily turn off the anti-virus program, and then check whether the conference is started in the application or not.
  4. Reinstall the program. If the above steps did not help, uninstall Zoom completely and install it from the official site.


If all else fails, contact support for assistance.

Can’t sign in to the app

On the Internet, the question often comes across why the Zoom application does not start. The reason may be a discrepancy with the stated requirements, a technical failure, the operation of antivirus software and other problems. To resolve this situation, do the following:

  1. Check your PC or laptop for compliance with the application requirements. Pay attention to RAM, processor, hard drive and other parameters.
  2. Update and reinstall your audio or video drivers.
  3. Clean up the system from unnecessary “garbage” using special software, for example, CCleaner.
  4. Remove unnecessary software from autorun. Sometimes the Zoom app won’t launch when other software interferes with it.
  5. Check your computer or laptop for viruses using special software.
  6. Run the program as administrator.
  7. Use Google’s DNS, for example and

If the steps above didn’t work, try reinstalling the app. After each of the steps above, try whether Zoom starts or not.

If you have any difficulties, you do not need to write to the support service. Knowing why Zoom does not open, you can solve many questions yourself. In doing so, start with the simplest and gradually move on to more global steps.


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